Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fashion for Men

The best style tip anyone could ever give to men or boys of any age is to keep it simple. Opinions are different on what makes a boy/man "cool" or "good looking" but some styles are timeless. This is one of the reasons that it is thought by many people that British men have better style than some foreign men because they have grown up wearing an often simple, disiplined school uniform. The harder you try the worst you look. This is not to say that you should not try at all but you should make it look simple and like you have not tried. For example Colin Firth pulled off the look perfectly at the Golden Globes in Hollywood. Colin Firth is the perfect fashion icon for simple chic man style. In The King's Speech he plays King George VI which he won five awards for. Trendy and talented!

Style savvy and influential men have been photographed for Vogue magazine. In 1937 surrealistic artist Salvador Dali was photogaphed by Vogue. In 1941 Orson Welles was photographed for the magazine. Royal couturier Hardy Amies was in the magazine in 1946. Designer, Christian Dior appeared in Vogue in 1947. Other men that have featured in Vogue are; Marlon Brando (photographer, 1947), Lucian Freud (artist, 1947), Francis Bacon (artist, 1962), Rene Magritte (surrealist painter, 1969), Manolo Blahnik (designer, 1974), Bono (singer, 1992), Robbie Williams (singer, 2000), P.Diddy (rapper, 2001), Elton John (singer, 2002), Johnny Borrell (singer, 2007), Matthew Vaughn (film director, 2011)

Fashion for Men
Polyvore featuring the gorgeous Jon Kortajarena.Mmm. 

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