Monday, 4 April 2011

The A to Z guide of what's hot

A- accessories. Belts are back this season and the good news is; anything goes! Big and bold, tight around the waist or loose around the hips, buckled or plain. Check out the belt on the following link. MAJOR BARGAIN ALERT! It is now only £3 from good old Toppers!  
Belt, £3, Topshop
This season when it comes to hats think dressing up box. Hats from around the world like cow boy hats, sombreros and berets are very chic. Check out this uber sweet cowgirl hat from New Look
Daisy Cowgirl Hat, £7.99, New Look
Sunglasses have gone retro this season. Whether they are wayfarers, aviators, big and round, cat eye or small and round they will be perfect for when the sun decides to come out.
Mint Round Sunglasses, £12, Asos

B- Blue is one of the trendiest colours on both the catwalk and the high street this season. Focus on royal blues and bright blues in fabric such as satins and silks.

C- Colour is a must. The flowers will be out for spring/summer so just blend in with them. Clash colours together and have fun with it! River Island even have their very own range of heels called "Colour Pop."

D- Denim. Last seasons high street trend for denim on denim is back on the catwalk. Denim shirts and jeans were the focus last season but this season dungarees and pinafores will also be back.

E- Espagnol or in other words Spain, Spanish fashion infact which is very in atm. Spain is not famous as a fashion capital of the world. Barcelona is its fashion capital. However, it has been responsible for bringing the fashion industry drop-dead gorgeous male models (ahem...Jon Kortajarena. SEX GOD.) Flamenko skirts are hot to trot along with frilled blouses and flowers to go in your hair.,4,shop,accessoriesshop,acchairfascinators

F- Florals. The classic spring/summer trend is back again. Wear it big and bold if you want to make a statement or pretty and petite if you want to stay subtle sweet. Big flowers for those with a rebellious streak and small flowers for the sweet girls.
Tea Dress in Green Floral Print, £35, Asos

G- Gatherings. Social gatherings will never go out of style however, I am not talking about these at the moment. Folds and pleats are more like it. One of the key items this season is a sheer, pleated maxi skirt, but dresses with folds and gatherings in the middle are subtly sexy too. Whatever your body shape there will be some sort of gathering in this trend that is right for you (and I don't mean a gathering in Maccy D's for those of you with that sort of body shape...Although that does sound tempting...)
Print Beauty Cape Maxi, £70, Topshop

H- Happiness. The key to everything in life is happiness. If you believe that you look good then you probably do but even if you don't that self confidence that therefore radiates off you will persuade everyone else around you that you look nice (including that hot guy that you want to ask you out!) The same goes for work, if you believe you can do it then you can and if you're not happy then you won't have that motivation that you need to get the job done. If you are a happy bubbly person then more people will like you. Happiness=looking good=feeling good=better at achieving goals and working well= feeling good= acting bubbly=more friends= more fun= more happiness!!! So as you can see, life goes round in one happy cycle, the only key ingredient is happiness!

I- Intelligence will never go out. It is something that can stay with you for your entire life (unless you lose your memory or something with old age.) It makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, more in demand at work and generally a more interesting person. So, spending a few extra hours studying a history book or flicking through an atlas really can pay off!

J- Japan. After the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster everyone's thoughts are with Japan, even the fashion industry's.Think Far East fashion this season. Patterned silk kimono jackets and statement belts finished off with a swish of red lipstick on the lips.
Printed A-Line Shift Dress, £36, Topshop

K- Ke$ha. I'm not even kidding, I couldn't think of anything else but anyone who knows me well will know that I love a good bit of Ke$ha. I just think her music is the best party music like ever!

L- Layering sheer fabrics on top of non-sheer ones will work wonders for you this season. Well, it will work wonders for everyone. There is now a real excuse to wear crop tops without looking like a little girl. Sheer crop tops over the top of vest tops (black bras for the more adventurous) = layered lusciousness my lovelies!

M- Materials. Everyone knows that it isn't good to be too materialistic but this a fashion blog so that sort of moral code went out the window a while ago. This trend isn't about having a materialistic attitude though. No, this trend is about getting out your sewing machine, wiping the dust off and getting to work using the style, creativity and taste that you know you have. It doesn't have to be perfect, in fact, far from it. It needs to look like it was made by you. You don't have to make it yourself because shops are selling items that fit into this fashion trend but even if you do buy something it will look like you have made it. Tassels and feathers are officially glamorous!
Knitted Navaho Tassle Top, £48, Topshop

N- Nude. No, not literally. I can't begin to imagine the sort of stares you would get if you walked through you local high street wearing absolutely nothing. You would probably end up getting locked up and then you'll get a criminal record and then you won't be able to get a good enough job to pay for nice clothes and then you're life will be as good as over. So, basically, don't take this trend literally. What it means is the colour nude, which looks great in the form of a figure hugging dress by the way.
Beige Jersey Bubble Dress, £26.99, River Island

Q- Quotations. Hmm...Why did I think of that? Anyway, quotations can be great motivators. Ooh- "quotation motivation" and before you even think about copying that phrase I copyright it! Ha! My favourite quote of all time ? "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" and it's from none other than the legandary Mademoiselle Chanel.

R- Royalty. With the royal wedding round the corner everyone is talking royalty at the moment. If only we could all get a day off work every time someone gets married. JK that would mean everyday! Kate Middleton is already a budding fashion icon as well as a Princess to be! Well, I guess some girls just have it all...

S- Sportwear. Runway, not running track. Glam not gym. Sophisticated not sweaty. Pretty not PE. You get the gist. Sportswear is in but not literally clothes that you would wear to play sport. Think luxe hoodies, cute sporty dresses and teeny tiny shorts.

T- Tennis. Ok, so this is totally bias because I play tennis but it is definately woth giving a try. I have friends that hate sport but they love playing tennis. They're not the best players in the world but we all have a laugh and it's great fun! So if you're one of those people who hates sport and exercise (shame on you) don't just blow it off like you do with anything else that leads to burning calories, give it a go. You may find out that it's your new hobby!

U- Underwear. I love underwear. Not only is it supportive it can look stylish too. I don't have any really "sexy" underwear but I do have some stylish sets. I personally love Limited Collection by M&S but La Senza can be good too. Ann Summers can be a bit trashy...

V- Vests. A wardrobe essential as they can be worn with anything and especially fit in with the sheer trend.
3 Pack Strappy Vests, £6.99, New Look
W- White. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to be afraid of wearing white if you have a pale complexion. Wearing white with white skin gives the trend a completely modern twist. I say white skin, but really, no one has actual white skin so peaches and yellows are the colours that paler girls should steer away from because that actually will clash with your complexion. White is for everyone regardless of race of skin tone. Believe me, I'm all for equality! Therefore you can rock this trend even if you are pregnant:
Maternity Wavy Detail Tunic, £14, Topshop

X- X-Rated designs grace the catwalk as many designers though it would look good to put there models in see through tops without even a bra underneath. Disgraceful. I'm glad to say that it hasn't caught on. 
Pocket Sheer Blouse, £22.99, New Look
Y- Yes. Saying yes to oppurtunities can be a truly enlightening experience as my friend and I recently discovered...

Z- Zodiac signs. I don't believe in them but I think your star sign can symbolise part of you. Chanel used a lion (her star sign was Leo) on many buttons of her designs on her jackets.

Pheww... Wow, I'm done. Hope you enjoyed it (: x

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