Friday, 29 April 2011

Pretty Patriots

With the royal wedding patriotic style is as big as it will ever be. Today, Friday 29th April, the streets of England are filled to the brim with celebrations held by avid royal enthusiasts wearing anything from t-shirts with photos of the happy couple, motifs of "William4Kate" to union jack outfits and red, whites and blues.
In June last year Alexandra Burke wore this outfit when she was filming the video for her single, Start Without You which sadly, this outfit is not feature in.
Sienna Miller, Tina Fey and Poppy Delavigne have been putting a nautical twist on the patriotic look recently as they were all wearing these outfits two weeks ago.
Taylor Swift pulls off this look in a girly way.

Geri Haliwell's  patriotic look might be over a decade old but it obviously made a huge statement so what's to stop you doing the same?

The late Alexander McQueen whoe dies earlier this year is not only responsible for the brand of Kate Middleton's drop dead gorgeous wedding dress but he also designed these fabulous union jack style clutches.

Pamela Anderson in Vivienne Westwood
Katherine Jenkins looked very patriotic in this union jack dress with the Queen motif by Alexander McQueen at the Quantum of Solace premiere in 2008.

Patriotic Vogue cover from 2005 featuring model, Kate Moss.  
The happy couple on their wedding day. I have the feeling that Kate's dress is going to set off the white lace trend.

River Island Top, £29.99,

Shirt, £67.00, Fred Perry

Shirt, £72, Abercrombie and Fitch

 Bikini top, £26, Hollister

 Bikini bottoms, £20, Hollister

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