Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fashionable Films

The September Issue - this is not really a film. It would be more aptly described as a documentary. However, this is definitely a key feature of the must-have kit for anyone who would like to work for in almost any aspect of Vogue magazine. It takes you on a journey through the process of putting together an issue of the world renowned style mag. It also gives you an insightful look into the lives of the editor in chief, Anna Wintour and other people that are very high up in their work for both the magazine and the industry.

Sex and the City - this film is world renowned for its style. The chief costume designer, Patricia Field has made a name for herself throughout the TV series and the two movies. She ensures that the clothes play almost as much of a part in the film's creation as the actors and actresses do.

Clueless- although I only started nursery school in the UK in the late nineties I have heard from Americans who are about a decade older than myself and they say that the film truly does represent American high school in the 1990s very well. The style is a bit dated now but it is sure to come back as all old trends do. Look out for over the knee socks and tartan mini skirts in the future!

500 Days of Summer - Zooey Deschanel's costumes in this film are beautiful. They match her characters bubbly, laid-back personality. They definitely represent her characters name, Summer, as there is no lack in cute florals and vintage dresses.

Coco Before Chanel- I have mentioned this film in previous posts but it is after all my second favourite film of all time (you will discover my first favourite soon.) The film is in French but don't let this put you off as the subtitles are clear and easy to read. If you are practising French (like myself) then it is great to try and pick out some words. It really takes you on Chanel's journey from under-privileged orphan to a world renowned designer of a luxury fashion label. I learnt Chanel's rags to riches tale through this film. I learnt everything about Chanel from this film. Before I watched it I wasn't even sure what the label's logo was.

The Devil Wears Prada- This is my third favourite film and that is because it gives you an insight into the creation of a fashion magazine but it is highly entertaining at the same time. Unlike The September Issue it is more of a fictional work based on the best-selling book by an ex-assistant of Anna Wintour, herself.

Grease- I told you that you would find out soon! This is my favourite film of all time. I LOVE it! The whole film is about style really. It is about how you dress and how people judge you because of that. We see Sandy's transformation from the sweet girl next door type who wears long pastel dresses to sexy in her unforgettable black leggings. The T-Birds wear leather jackets and tight trousers which were classic rock and roll staples.

In Her Shoes- this film shows two sisters who are constantly arguing over their differences as one is a sexy party animal whilst the other is a preppy workaholic. However, the latter has a huge collection of shoes but never finds the right occasion to wear them. This film is moving and it shows how even the biggest differences between sisters can be resumed through a bit of family love. Aww...

The Confessions of a Shopaholic- this film is hilariously funny but I do think that women all over the world can relate to Rebecca Bloomwood in this fabulous chick flick. This also gives you a small look into the world of fashion magazines.

Pride and Prejudice- this period drama remake featuring Keira Knightley is simply stunning. The costumes are really authentic and although those dresses probably won't come back into fashion, films like this will make sure that they are in the memories of this generation and those to come. It also shows that fashion is more than just current trends as the history of fashion is remarkable also.

Mean Girls-this is my fourth favourite film and I think that some parts are realistic to teenage girls from all over the world. Some girls really are that bitchy and girls at secondary school really are that complicated. The fashion of "the plastics" might be slutty at times but it really shows how much the way we dress affects one's status.

Legally Blonde- pink, pink, pink! What more can I say?! Elle Woods has girl power. Her style is independant as it expresses her personality and she does not care what anyone else thinks of her. I saw the stage production of this and it is the best show I have ever seen.

Down With Love- there is a huge focus on style, costumes and fashion in this vintage flick set in the 1960s. Shift dresses, pill box hats, candy colours... Need I say more? Only that her apartment is amazing :)

27 Dresses- You can just tell by the name that this is no frumpy film. Anyone with twenty seven dresses has to have at least one nice one. Although the dresses are all bridesmaid dresses and some are a bit quirky to say the least this lovely rom-com will warm your heart and inspire your wardrobe.

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