Friday, 6 May 2011

Interviews: Clever Little Buttons

Your blog mentions that you had been made redundant, what did your job use to be?
I was a fashion Content Writer for an Eccomerce company. My job was outsourced to a company as this costs less. I am unemployed now and it is impossible to find a similar job now. 
So, had you always wanted to work in fashion?
I have always loved fashion, it's been my main focus for years. I never believed I would get a job in fashion as I studies fine art at university. I thought is was impossible without a degree. 
You mention studying art at university however, at school what did you study for GCSE and A Level?
GCSE's were a long time ago (I'm an old lady now hehe) I studied - Art, History and R.E at GCSE along with the subjects I was forced too! For A Levels I studies Art, Music and Drama.  
What inspired you to create a fashion blog?
I started the blog for two reasons. 1. I have no money to shop at the moment and this gave me the space to pretend to shop and be creative. 2. I wanted to continue my writing, it gives me a reason to get up in the morning and a focus to my day.
Who are your main style icons?
Coco Chanel and Blake Lively.
Do you remember exactly when you first became interested in fashion?
I was 12 when I first became obsessed with fashion. I was given a pair of Doc Martins and I became obsessed with shoes! It has all grown from there I think.
After you had left university what was your first job?
A Care Worker, I enjoyed this job but needed to be creative and I couldn't be.
How would you describe your style?
My style is a cross between grunge and classic vintage. I tend to clash style and make my own way in the fashion world.
What was your daily schedule like at your old job and what is it like now?
When I was working my day involved early starts, lots and lots of coffee, meetings and work wear (mainly statement dresses and heels) My routine now is up early - still, feed my two gorgeous house rabbits! Then straight on here blogging, doing any freelance work that I get. I also exercise everyday by going for long walks, this gives me time in the fresh air to think and get inspired. 
Do you have any words of advice to anyone wanting to write about fashion as a career?
My main advice for anyone wanting a career, in fashion or anything else is perseverance. Never give up, even when you feel like your hitting a wall and getting nowhere.Just keep pushing through. Network as well, the more people you know, the better!
Obviously it is tough as you have found out so also do you have any advice to people in a similar situation to yourself?
Come say hi to me, talking helps and keep applying - I apply for something everyday, even if I don't get anything I feel better by doing it.
You are a writer now and art was obviously your favourite subject at school but did you enjoy English too?
I enjoyed English at school, but I only realised how much I enjoyed it when I was writing my dissertation.
Do you read any fashion magazines for inspiration?
I try to keep as up to date with the journalistic side of fashion as possible. I read Glamour, Look and In Style religiously. I also read as many blogs as possible and The Times Fashion is brilliant.
What are your five fashion must haves?
The Maxi Dress, perfect for all shapes and occasions.
Wedges - great for work and play and more comfortable than killer heels.
A Denim Jacket - So Versatile and vintage denim looks great with most outfits.
Ugg Boots - For everyday comfort
High Waisted Flared Jeans - Perfect for all seasons.
How do you find inspiration for your blog posts? 
For my blog I get my inspiration for my daily life, things I do, people I spot and, well, things I eat hehe (meaning the Skittles post)!I don't like to just follow the latest trends, so I try to keep it personal.
Do you write about other topics or just fashion? 
I currently only write about fashion, but when I have money I want to also look at interiors.


  1. Great Interview. I love the Clever Little Buttons Blog! It's among my favorites :)

    Catch ya later aligator!
    Olive Al

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  2. Hehe - it's very surreal to see an interview about me! I love it and thank you hunni!

    Love and hugs!
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