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Jockey Chic

From tweed blazers to leggings with patches on and boots that resemble those used to ride in: the jockey look est tres chic en ce moment.
I love the slouchy effect of the oversized t-shirt from as the rest of the outfit is very smart and the picture on the t-shirt is of a polo match which is often a very formal affair so it all balances out. The blazer ( and leggings ( look very fitted and the boots ( are smart. The bag ( is useful for carrying lots of things in so it is perfect if you are busy and want a comfortable bag to carry to each place with you.  
The World's 10 Best Jockey's in the Last 100 Years and What They Wear/Wore
1) Fred Archer was the most successful jockey of the Victorian era with a staggering 246 successes in 1885 alone and 2748 wins from 8084 rides. His wife died after childbirth and after that he got so depressed that he comitted suicide at the young age of 29 years. 
In this picture he wears chinos as they were common for jockeys in that era to wear. Fred Archer was also known as the Tin Man as he held onto all his money.

2) Sir Gordon Richards is considered to be the greatest jockey of all time and he is the only one to have ever been knighted. He broke Fred Archer's long standing record of 246 winners in a season, by riding 259 winners in 1932. He holds the record of riding 4870 winners. He started riding in 1921 and retired to become a trainer in 1954. I could not find any full body photographs of him but below is a photo of his face/upper body.

In the photograph of Sir Gordon above I could not help but notice that he is wearing a rain coat and I love bright rain coats at the moment like this one for £25.00 at Topshop.
3) Lester Piggot. His eighth Derby success has gone down in folklore history when his machine-gun whip rattling, lifted The Minstrel over the winner line in 1977. Only Lester could have come out of jail after serving just over a year for tax irregularities in 1990 and then 10 days later produce a dream ride on Royal Academy to win the Breeders Cup Mile in New York. 
Baseball (or perhaps even jockey) jacket from Fred Perry at
4) Tony McCoy is said to be the greatest jumper so I thought I would pick out a stylish jumper, so check out this one from Jack Wills. However, seeing as I have a picture of all the other jockeys it is only fair on Tony that I get one of him as well but most of the photos of him he was wearing the stripey yellow and green top as seen below and I think it's safe to say we won't be following that fashion trend anytime soon!  

5) Steve Donoghue won the jockey's title ten times between 1910 and 1920. He was the darling of crowds on Derby Day, winning many races.
Here Steve is, following the monochrome trend.
You can follow this trend too with this dress from for only £20.00.  

6)  Fred Winter will always be remembered for partnering Mandarin (horse) to win the Grand Steeplechase de Parisas his Mandarin's bit broke in his mouth after the third fence leaving Winter to control the horse with no reins. It got even worse with two fences to go, when Mandarin broke down, but Winter still managed to keep the horse going to a head victory. Few would have bet on victory for Winter in those circumstances. I could not find a picture of Fred Winter however, he died in 2004 at the age of 77.

7) George Fordham was Fred Archer's main rival in the Victorian period. He was nicknamed "The Demon" due to his kidding of other jockey's. Again I could find no pictures. Grr...

This dress from Dorothy Perkin's is so beautiful and that fact that it's red makes it seem Demon-like.

8) Pat Eddery will always be best remembered for his finishing burst on Dancing Brave to beat a star studded Prix d’ la Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp in 1986.
Here, Eddery is with his wife and two daughters. His smart tuxedo clearly follows the rules that I explained in my earlier post about men's fashion. Simple and timelessly chic. 
9) Charlie Smirke came out with the legendary post race quip of “What did I Tul yar” after guiding Tulyar (the horse) to win the Derby in 1952. He was very confident and sure of himself. He died in 1993. NO PICTURE AGAIN.
Feel confident as well with this gorgeous statement top from River Island.
10) Harry Wragg only won the Jockey Champions once however he was nicknamed "The Head Waitor" as he always left his tactics until the last minute. He died in 1905.

I tried to search for some female jockeys however, like in most sports females are in minority. Comment if you know any really successful ones. I can only think of Katie Price :P
 Below are some pictures of my friends horse riding :)

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