Friday, 6 May 2011

Mid Century Style

I love 50s style simply because Grease is my absolute favourite film of all time. I love the way that the skirts swish when they spin round at the dance and the way they all wear different distinct colours. I love the shift dresses that came in in the 60s and Hairspray is also one of my favourite movies as I naturally have big hair so I have adapted to love the big hair look.
She may be evil but you gotta love this girl's style!

From left to right, top row:, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse,, From left to right, second row:,, Topshop,, From left to right, bottom row: Karen Millen,,,,

It was not only the hair in the 60s that was outrageous but the makeup too. The 1960s was a decade when women were just starting to experiment with different styles.
Below are some of the most interesting events from the 50s/60s. In the 1970s post I noticed that technology took up a lot of the space however the events in the 50s/60s had a lot to do with race segregation and the civil rights movement.
1950- First modern credit card produced.
1951- Coloured television introduced. Winston Churchill becomes prime minister for the second time.
1952- Queen Elizabeth the Second takes the throne.
1954- Reports say that cigarettes cause cancer and more research takes place.
1955- Disneyland opens. Emmet Till is murdered. James Dean dies in a car accident. McDonalds is founded. Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on the bus.
1957- The Cat in the Hat is published by Dr. Suess.
1958- Peace symbol created.
1959- The Sound of Music opens on Broadway.
In 1961 the Berlin Wall was built.
In 1962 Marilyn Monroe died.
Marilyn Monroe style dress,
1963- Martin Luther King makes his "I have a dream speech" and JFK is assassinated.
1964- Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment.
1965- Japan's bullet train opens.
1966- First ever heart transplant.


  1. What a gorgeous post! Love the first two dresses on your style board!It's made me feel like watching a good vintage classic now!

    Love C x

  2. I love the 60s eye makeup!

    The Flower Girl


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