Monday, 13 June 2011

Festival Fashion- Step Two: What to Wear Look No.1

Now for the stereotypical festival fashion post. I will try to make it as interesting as possible for you. Now I must confess that I have never actually been to a festival however, I have certainly read enough fashion magazines in the past to know a lot about what to wear to a festival.

Look No.1- The Sensible Style

The basic essentials are here. The parka is both for staying dry and for the fact that you couldn't possibly turn up to a British Festival without one. The parka above is a classic and timeless piece. It is the very definition of British festivals: very Alexa. This one is £55 from Asos

The wellies have pretty much the same reasons as the parka (they are a festival staple and they help keep you dry.) Jimmy Choo has made some genius collaboration collections recently: first with UGG and now with Hunter Wellies. The wellies above are from the Jimmy Choo and Hunter line. The croc effect mixed with the patent black can help the wearer of the boot to have achieve a far more glamorous look that can sometimes be difficult to achieve with wellies. They bring a bit of glamour to a festival. They are not classics but perfect if you want to make a statement. At £255 they are definately an investment piece but they are very personality defining.

The hat will keep you protected from the sun as well as making a massive style statement as pretty much every style of hat does this season. It is very dressing up box chic but that is exactly the vibe that the catwalks gave off this season. I love the vintage look that this has: very Victorian picnic. This one is from Topshop

The comfy tee is just that: comfy. It will be easy to move around in (i.e. dance) and can always double up as a comfy pyjama top if you forget to bring one, don't bring enough or something happens to the ones you brought (i.e. they get stolen: like the bad excuse made in the Mask. I tried to find a video of this scene but I couldn't so if you haven't seen it then you will just have to remain confused and if you have then you should probably understand.) This one from House of Gods has Blondie on it as t-shirts with famous icons on are really big on the festival scene this year. Think '90s grunge.

 The jumper will keep you warm without making you over heat as it is not made of any form of wool or fluffy material however, it does have a warm interior, perfect for summer evenings or colder/rainy typical British days. Although it is very basic this jumper from New Look will come in very useful.

 Denim shorts have been a summer essential for as long as I can remember. They also give the festival go-er the ever desirable laid-back bo-ho chic look. These are from Levi mid blue denim cut-off hotpants are from Rokit.

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