Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Festival Fashion- Step Two: What to Wear Look No.2

I was going to do every look in the first post but I realised that I simply wouldn't have time this week and I hate going a whole day without a single blog post, although I must admit to doing this more often that I would like to. I would also like to take this oppurtunity to apologise for the What I Wore Today and The Song of the Day being absent recently but my Bluetooth on my phone has broken but I am going to find another way to upload the photos.
Look No.2 The Festival Fashionista
I think out of all the looks this will be my favourite. The pieces are stylish but not rediculously impractical. The denim playsuit totally matches the do-it-all-denim trend that has been oh so chic for the past two seasons. This one from Topshop is perfect for this summer's playsuit trend and it looks light too so it will be perfect for those hot summer days when you will find denim shirts and jeans simply too hot.

The jacket is also from Topshop and I have fallen head over heels in love with it. It is pricier than the first Topshop item but it would definately make a statement. Tassles are very bo-ho festival chic but they also graced the catwalks more often than usual this season when the Modern Craft trend was set. 

Was it just me that had no idea that Hunter sold high tops? It seems like the company will really be raking it in this season with the festival wellies being sold and the gorgeously eye catching high tops too. 

I call the style of sunglasses featured above, Gaga sunglasses as they were a huge fashion statement for the pop sensation but it seems to be one of the only trends that has stemmed from Gaga. I just can't see the meat dress catching on. At least vegetarians can rock these stylish sunnies. too. These are from Missguided are at a totally bargained price.

These sweet shorts from River Island look so comfy and the floral pattern will make you feel all summery.   

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