Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Festival Fashion: Step Two- What To Wear Look No.3

If you are feeling horticultural (I don't think you can use that word to describe someone but never mind, you know what I mean) or if you want to either blend in with your surrounding environment or contrast brightly then this is the look for you. Think pretty daisies if you want to go for an all British look or bright exotic flowers if you want to resemble a more tropical destination
Descriptions from the top on the left and round in a circular direction.

I always think bra-let tops have an essence of high fashion about them. I think it is probably because it takes a certain amount of confidence to wear one. However, it works mutually. It may take a lot of confidence to wear one but by wearing one you will build confidence. I'm not saying that they are for everyone because they are definately made for a slimmer figure. But if you've got it, flaunt it! http://www.glassworks-studios.com/product/prl10020/

Heart shaped necklines are very in this season on the high street and this dress takes the "heart shaped" term to the extreme. It also gives off a very vintage vibe as did a lot of this season's catwalk shows. Although this dress is from theukhighstreet.com I have noticed that perhaps the most 50s/60s style dresses are sold at Dorothy Perkins so head on over to Dotty P's if you want to get one in time for your festival.

The top from Jane Norman is currently out of stock but it doesn't surprise me seeing as it is perfect for summer and a complete bargain at only £14! It gives off a real hippie vibe due to the peace sign. My theory is that what you wear, effects your mood so wearing this top will help keep your mind at rest and your soul peaceful no matter how deafining the music is that's blasting out the oversized speakers. So basically, this top is comfortable, stylish and perfect for festivals plus it's a complete bargain. So, head to your local Jane Norman because, as I mentioned before, it’s sold out in the online shop.

The leather jacket on the right fits into not one but two of this season’s trends as it is sort of oriental looking as well as being a clash between girly and utility wear.  If you can’t tell already it isn’t a cheap high street buy. I really hope that high street stores start to sell jackets similar to this soon but at the moment they are rarely available for under £1000. This one from mytheresa.com is available for £1780 but if you have the cash I would recommend investing.

Doc Martens have been a festival staple for a long time now (they are almost way up the top with wellies and parkas.) These are not real Doc Martens but they are close enough from infinityshoes.com. They might get covered in mud but that’s a risk that will have to be taken if you want to step out in style.

The dress slightly to the left of the Doc Martens also fits the description of the oriental trend. Although the dress is in a Japanese style I think it’s the clashing patterns and the tassels that really make it. From theoutnet.com.

Floral denim is a big season staple especially with the do-it-all-denim trend coming back in again. The thing that makes the trend different to the one of last season is that it is now more to do with girly details such as flowers and pinafores whereas last year there were a lot of acid wash and denim shirts around. This pair is only £22 from desireclothing.co.uk

To be completely honest I wouldn’t recommend literally taking a maxi skirt to a festival because the hemline will get drenched in God knows what but I just love this one and I couldn’t leave it out. The maxi is a trend from last season that has carried on selling due to the fact that floaty materials are really better suited to summer weather. This one is from Dorothy Perkins for only £20 after being reduced from £35.

Last but definitely not least, the floral rucksack. Now, although I have never been to a festival I can imagine that having a rucksack with you would make life a lot easier as you can carry everything you will need for the day (e.g. bottle of water, tissues, map etc.) and you are not at a great risk of losing it or getting it stolen because most of the time it will be on your back. It is such a good deal because it has been reduced to only £15!!! From Topshop. 

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