Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tennis Style

Although you have to wear tennis whites at Wimbledon I think the game deserves a bit more colour. The jumper is in the Jane Norman sale for only £14 so grab it now if you want a bargain or head to Jack Wills for more of an investment piece for around £70. I got a navy Jack Wills jumper for Christmas and it really kept me warm through the winter. I couldn't find any short sleeved jumpers but I would recommend these for summer. I have the Soul Cal shorts above and they are so comfy! I wear them to play tennis, go to the gym and when I go running. The T-shirt with tennis rackets on it is perfect if you want to advertise tennis! Every female tennis player's essential is a white tennis skirt. The one above is by Stella McCartney for Adidas but you should be able to find one from any good sports shop. The white jacket is great to wear before you warm up and when you want to look stylish. The Jack Wills bag is the epitome of British fashion and is large enough to carry everything you will need: balls, a drink, a towel etc, phone, purse etc. The baseball cap in eye catching green will contrast well with the either a green or red tennis court. So next time you play a sport, sepcifically tennis (if you don't play already I recommend you give it a try, for a bit of fun if anything) then I hope you'll have the confidence to do it in style!

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