Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I am in love with vintage metal watches at the moment but I didn't feel the same way a year ago as I bought a more modern (yet equally as gorgeous) Fruitz watch for my birthday. I must say it took me forever to decide on a colour though. Just look at the variety:
You can probably understand why I was having difficulty in deciding. On one hand I liked the watermelon one (green strap and red face) because it is the signature style of the brand but on the other hand I wanted a pink one because I love the colour pink and most of the things that are wear are pink, include pink or match pink but then again on the other hand (I was having a bit of a weird time, so weird that I seemed to have grown three hands!) pink would completely clash with my school uniform which, realistically, I would be wearing a lot. You are probably wondering which one I chose in the end so now I will show you;
I eventually decided on the dragon fruit colour watch because it incorporated pink but at the same time the grey strap would ensure that it matches almost anything. I must admit that it took me a while to get to grips with the fact that the watch did not have numbers and that it was not water proof as all the previous watches I had had were both. I went on holiday a couple of weeks after purchasing the watch and I did jump in the pool with it still on a few times but fortunately it survived. On the Fruitz Website the dragon fruit watch is described as "exuding a positive glow" which is fabulously true. When I am feeling sad I can actually say that looking at my watch makes me feel happier (unless I'm feeling sad because I'm wasting time or running out of time ect!) I'm not saying that this feeling is guarenteed but it does have a Natural Frequency disc that rests comfortably on the other side of the watch face. This Natural Frequency techonology means that the Fruitz watches claim to reduce stress, make you feel calm and help you get to sleep. So, not only is it oozing with style and "exuding a positive glow" it will help you stay on top of things too. I am very pleased with my watch which is good because at £149 it wasn't cheap for me!

The Rebelious One
The hot pink colouring of this watch is perfect for the rowdy, rebellious personality. Raspberries grow wildly and are difficult to control and that is the personality of this watch. I was considering getting this watch last year but then decided that it was a little bit too pink (gasp, I never thought I'd say that about anything!)

The Eco Chic
In the past decade the colour green has become more and more world renowned for representing both peace and the environment. For these reasons this watch is suited to those that are passionate about both wildlife and recycling. The vibrant colour will suit almost anyone who is daring enough to pull it off.
The Sporty One
I now love the blueberry watch because this shade of blue is very chic this season and it would bring out the blue in my eyes. It is perfect for a sporty personality or for someone who likes to hang out at the beach. Just make sure you take it off before you go in the water!

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