Saturday, 9 July 2011

magic touch

  As you probably know, the final Harry Potter world premiere took place in London a couple of nights ago. The crowds stretched back as far as the eye could see. Some people had been camping out for days: waiting in anticipation for the stars to take to the red carpet together for possibly the final time. I can only imagine what it felt like for the people who had spent so long waiting when the cast and fellow celebrities stepped onto the red carpet and I don't think I can even begin to imagine what it would feel like to actually be on the red carpet, let alone be Daniel, Emma or Rupert. It was a very emotional evening but a definite magical sort of glamour filled the air...
I have no idea which one of the Phelps twins is but they both dressed very well so it's ok. I think more men should experiment with different smart/muted colours but keep a different design. Rating= 9/10.
Bonnie Wright brought a touch of old school Hollywood to Britain's red carpet. The red nails just completed this beautiful outfit. Rating= 9.5/10
The leading member of the cast dressed very gentlemanly in this suit and waistcoat ensemble. Rating= 9/10.
JK Rowling did look beautiful, it's just a shame about her dress. It looks like she is wearing an oversized cushion and it does absolutely nothing for her figure. Even if there was no cushion affect on this dress it would always be more garden party than red carpet. Rating= 4/10.

Helena Bonham-Carter sported a more wacky form of attire. However, I think she pulled it off pretty well. I love the sunglasses (very Gaga) but the bag definitely lets this outfit down. I screams anything but red carpet glamour, a neat clutch would fit in a lot better. The silk gown, head piece and sunglasses create a rather creatively fabulous outfit. I love it when celebs go out there with their style. It is a breath of fresh air even if in some cases they are just attention seeking. Rating= 7/10.

Emma dazzled her fans in Oscar de la Renta however, I think she could have looked a lot better. She is beautiful and so is her style but if she is trying to look more grown up like she keeps saying then she should have gone for a more grown up gown. She could have pulled off a more sophisticated look but instead she opted for a look that suggested it had been pulled out from a little girl's dressing up box. I mean no disrespect to Emma because she is one of my favourite actresses. I must admit this look has grown on me. I now like it a lot more than I used to. Rating= 6.5/10.
Rupert's outfit would have looked better if he had kept it more simple. I think he tried to complicate the outfit a bit too much by adding the jacket with a snakeskin embellishment. He should have just worn a plain black jacket. To read more about men's fashion head to my Fashion for Men post. Rating= 5/10.
Tom Felton arrived with Jade Olivia and Jade looked absolutely stunning. All white is bang on trend this season and Jade knocked this trend on the head. Tom kept it simple and it definitely worked. They made a perfect pair and I think they would both win the Best Dressed Award of the premiere in my opinion. Rating= 10/10.
Anna Wintour turned up also (how many of my idols can you fit on one red carpet?) in her signature shades and shift dress. I think Anna is the best representative for ageless style. She dresses perfectly for her age which is in some ways surprising seeing as the fashion industry is dominated by clothing suitable for younger ages so it is refreshing and reassuring to know that one of fashions greatest is not pressured and has not turned out as "mutton dressed like lamb." Rating= 7.5/10.

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