Sunday, 24 July 2011

rip amy

It did have another post planned but I simply could not go without paying tribute to Amy Winehouse who was discovered to be dead at 4pm yesterday. It is currently suspected that she OD'd but the autopsy is yet to be carried out and the causes confirmed. However, instead of dwelling on today's tragic events I would rather focus on the highlights of her life and of course her style. Although she is certainly not a positive role model to the young girls of today she is a style icon nonetheless. She is well known for popularising the beehive, bold eye makeup and ballet flats. Her look is very iconic. However, it is difficult to define her exact sense of style. All this taken into account, she did not consider herself as a style icon however, she did contribute to the style world by teaming up with Fred Perry and here she is modelling her collection last October.

Here Amy Winehouse looks like any young, sophisticated woman but you can tell by her hairstyle and and tattoos that she is more than just your ordinary girl next door. Image from Italian Vogue.

Any woman that can boast a Vogue cover must be something special. This September 2007 cover of American Vogue was arranged after Anna Wintour fell in love with Amy's platinum selling album, Back to Black. The editor in chief immediately wanted Amy in Vogue as she was astounded by her talent. Image from:

Her distinctive look dictated the styling of the Paris-Londres Metiers d'Art collection for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld in 2007. Robert Cavalli previously called her "a fashion icon because she is unique", and I could not agree more. The London-based footwear designer Jonathan Kelsey created a stiletto, the Amy, in her honour. She performed at a number of fashion oriented events including a Louis Vuitton party and a Fendi store opening.

Vogue Paris' editorial on Amy and her style from their February 2008 issue. Image from

It is suggested that throughout her career Winehouse was a muse for both Chanel and Guess. I think the reason why so many fashion people found her so intriguing was because she was so unique and different is good. Her personal life made her story more interesting still. Both photos from
Tweets Dedicated to Amy

"Rest in peace Amy Wine House. I hope the after life brings u the piece u were searching 4 on earth. Love MJB" Mary J Blige

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