Saturday, 30 July 2011

summer colds

WHY? It's a horrible feeling when it happens but it happens to all of us. You just get to your summer break and you come down with a cold. You feel like shouting "What the hell? It's summer! How can I have a f***ing cold?! It's hot!" However, there isn't much you can do. It has happened to me more than once and unfortunately has happened to me this year. I feel fine now but I have sort of lost my voice, which is annoying seeing as teachers have told me to stop talking all year and now I finally have the chance to talk until my heart's content and I can't.

STYLE. The above Polyvore collage is of the sort of things that you might want to wear when you are really ill and just want something comfortable. I haven't been too ill so I have been dressing normally. I wore a dress yesterday and today (see the one I am wearing today at the bottom of this post.)

autumn/winter blues

Isabel de Pedro glamorous dress
£100 -

Oasis floral print dress
£40 -

Formal prom dress
$40 -

Linen coat
£3,275 -

Navy vest
$85 -

Alexon navy jacket
£30 -

Fur coat

Manolo Blahnik mary jane shoes
$835 -

Blue handbag
$16 -

Blue hoop earrings
$29 -

Short lace glove
£27 -

Asos Suede Brogues
$55 -

Jil Sander Navy Athena Tunic
$990 -

1460 Womens Indigo -Patent Mcmarten Tartan
$115 -

IN. The above collage features this season's trends. From jewel toned dresses to manish styles. I have a post planned where I will describe each trend in more detail. Last season (spring/summer 2011) saw blue as one of the most popular shades and seeing as it is still summer it is still very popular however, this autumn and winter a lot more black will be worn not only because it is colder but because it is a key colour of the catwalk shows for autumn/winter 2011/12.

What I Wore Today:

Dress by Graffic
Song of the Day:
After hearing the Little Lady version of this song that I posted yesterday I have started to appreciate the original more. It is still sad but they are meaningful and catchy songs nonetheless.

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