Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Vogue Must-Have Kit

OK, so I do not work for Vogue and I never have done in the past so I know this might sound patronizing but this post is really for my benefit more than anyone else and it is also not to be taken too seriously. To work at Vogue would be my dream come true and I know that many girls feel the same so this is for anyone and everyone that has ever dreamed of working for the magazine or any other similar magazines.

A love for Starbucks (preferably skinny lattes.) The incredibly over-priced but oh-so-nice coffee is just as much a fashion accessory as a delicious beverage.


Me reading the July 2011 Ageless Beauty issue of Vogue with the beautiful Vanessa Paradis on the cover.
 Good knowledge of the magazine. I have read that in interviews with Vogue you are asked about favourite photographers, stylists, designers and models. It's no good just going in there and being like "Yeah, I love Vogue." AND? You need to back up all your points. Therefore reading the magazine will definitely help!

"How to Read Fashion" can be bought on Amazon but I have not seen it in any other bookstores. I got this copy from the school library. Finally, my school has made a fashionable gesture!

Again, this can be purchased on Amazon but because it is American it is rarely seen in British bookstores. However, it features interviews with designers, editors, photographers, models and stylists from all over the world.

Research the fashion industry. There are plenty of books and websites that explore the fashion industry in depth so nowadays it is easy to get a better understanding of every aspect of the fashion world.


Marc by Marc Jacob's laptop case (image from Vogue.com)
 A laptop with a trendy case. The laptop is needed for research as well as typing up articles or creating mood-boards. A small one is better as it is easy to maneuver. It can be carried to fashion shows so that you can write about them and upload photographs inbetween. The trendy case is just a nice extra. Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton do beautiful ones.

Mug shot of me about to take a picture of my friend
A camera. Especially if you want to be a photographer but even for any other fashion job adding photos to your  portfolios can show a vast understanding of styling, photography and trend predictions.


My many, many notebooks! The pink one on the top row, second from the left is the one I take everywhere with me. The one next to it was a Christmas gift from my best friend. I keep it next to my bed to write about anything I feel like writing about. I love its design. It's from Topshop and so trendy!
A notebook. I always have a notebook on me no matter where I am. I just carry it round to jot down ideas when they come to me: for both blog posts and future novel/story ideas. I also scribble down outfit and style ideas.


My mum got this bag free from The Body Shop and she gave it to me as I had been going on about how I wanted an oversized handbag. I bought a belt from a garage sale so it was too big so I made it smaller and used the left over part to sew to this bag.
An oversized bag to carry round all the above (obviously not the latte, you will be holding that hopefully.)

A sewing machine. This should be kept at home but whether you are designing and making full collections of clothes or just customising a few pieces it will definitely come in useful.


I just found these in a cupboard but you can get good colouring pencils from most stationers. My nails are painted with Rimmel, Nails Inc. and Barry M nail varnishes.
Good quality colouring pencils. Not only will they fit in with the colour block trend but they will suit all your creative needs.


Coco Chanel Greeting Card, Red Bubble
Postcards to write letters to people in the business. Thank you letters will be appreciated a lot more if they are written by hand instead of email. Trendy cards will work best, seeing as you are working in the fashion industry.


Chanel diaries, 2009
A diary to write down dates and make sure you stay organised. The industry is tough and mistakes like forgetting appointments can sometimes set you back a lot.


Helen Exley Giftbooks can be bought here. I bought mine from a Cathedral gift shop.
Constant inspiration. I recommend buying a little book by Helen Exley. I have the "Go For It" book and it is amazing but I have heard of many other books by her that are equally inspirational. I carry it around with me for a little inspiration boost every now and again.


Blazer, H&M. T-shirt, The Disney Store. Jeggings, Primark.
A sense of style. This is definitely a must. You can rarely go to work for a fashion magazine without a sense of style and a love for fashion. At least, if you do you will find it very difficult, like Andy does in The Devil Wears Prada.

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