Monday, 29 August 2011

autumn wishlist 3

SEVENTIES. On the high street the seventies has somewhat replaced the high street in the coming season. However, both decades are still going strong on the catwalk as are the forties I will mention whilst we are on this topic. Also a Victorian gothic style mixes in with the fetish trend. Okaaay, that was quite a long tangent I went off on. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, flares are going to be big this season. Wear with chiffon blouses, preferably with a starry print as I mentioned in a recent post. Wear also with knee high boots which are the boots of the season. Obviously you won't be able to see the boots under the flares but the trousers will rise up when you walk and people will be able to see that your boots are not ankle boots. Plus they will make you feel like you're being retro. This look can be worn work, school or a day out shopping with the girls. And there you have it:


BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NIGHT…For seventies nightwear opt for a stylish faux fur coat or shrug with a glittery dress and super big platforms. For extra inspiration look to this season Gucci, Dior, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg and Topshop Unique.

£130, Office.

he 11cm heel on this leather knee high boot really boosts the '70s vibe. I love those two words. '70s and vibe' look really good written next to each other. The colour also oozes seventies sophistication. As the seventies were a time of bright prints and hippies it often difficult for those who are not into all the weird experimental fashion stuff (the kind that I'm into) to relive that period of modern history.   

Gucci, Autumn 2011 RTW

Gucci's collection this season was the epitome of elegance. With fluffy shawls draped over every outfit and fedoras on the heads of many. Oh, the glamour of it all! No wonder this trend had to be revived. There is hardly anything today that is quite the same as the glamour of wealthy citizens in the '70s. Gucci celebrated their 90th anniversary by reminding us why they have been going for so long. The '70s were a memorable decade for the brand as they launched their 1973 bag:

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