Wednesday, 31 August 2011

autumn wishlist 4

LEATHER. In the world of materials denim is not the only fabric going strong. Leather, faux leather and leather look items are too. Depending on what sort of statement you want to make you can choose between the catwalk "fetish" trend or the high street ladylike leather trend. The former represents black dresses with sheer panelling and black leather- the braver the better. This trend is less about dressing this way to bring male pleasure but more about a female showing her independence, style and freedom to dress as she wishes. 

The latter, ladylike leather includes less revealing black leather dresses, ladylike leather dresses, knee high boots, leather pencil skirts, leather wedges, leather skinny trousers, leather shorts and leather miniskirts. Another big trend is tailored, ladylike cut leather jackets- think lace, tassels and frills!


£50, Topshop
YES I AM BUYING THIS DRESS my birthday money. I tried it on when I went to Bluewater at the beginning of the summer holidays. From the front it looks hot, right? But it was the back that really got me falling head over heels for it...

The frills are ladylike but the black leather nods towards fetish.

And here is another favourite that incorporates both the ladylike trend and the fetish trend. Of course, Louis Vuitton leads the latter trend. There were see t-through materials, caps and jodhpurs galore. Marc Jacobs, the brand's creative director a.k.a head designer said that the collection focuses on discipline. Whether that is the sexual sort of S&M type discipline or the discipline of dressage as the jodhpurs suggest. The simple black and white with peter pan collars could represent the discipline of a maid and the caps could portray the discipline of a porter. The caps look very disciplinary and although the model is not wearing one in the above picture, they were worn by almost every other model at the catwalk show.

This may not incorporate leather but whilst we were on the topic of the Louis Vuitton a/w collection I thought I would mention that one of my favourite blogs thechicmuse has featured a couple of posts on how the collection inspires her. This is the outfit; note the cap.

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  1. i love the 3rd picture! IT is a great look!


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