Thursday, 25 August 2011

returning home

Hey! I'm back. Did you miss me? I had no internet access in Cyprus but my blog was definitely not at the back of my mind. I took a lot of photos and wrote a lot. I will share all of this with you soon but as I only came home yesterday night I thought I would do a post on returning home.
For this post I am going to write about a number of ways to make a fashionable entrance: whether you are returning home from holiday, arriving at a party or going back to school/work after a holiday. I arrived in Gatwick on an average economy class plane but I still like to think that my entrance was somewhat...amazing purely because it was me arriving. I'm just kidding...sort of anyway. The fact that I did arrive home certainly made a big impact in my life. Sure, I wouldn't have minded staying in Cyprus forever but like I said, there was no internet access and I don't know how I could have lived without that for much longer...and of course I missed my friends. Now for the bizarre, the bright and the beautiful.   
This is my favourite way to make an entrance and another fan of this is Lady Gaga. If you walk into a room looking slightly bizarre you are guaranteed to make everyone else in that room stop and stare. However, this is not my favourite because it is so attention seeking but because it really shows that fashion is all about having fun and experimenting with what you wear then sharing that experiment with everyone else around you.

THE ROW KUFFLEY JACKET. The reason this item makes such an entrance is because it is so rounded. If you are top heavy styles like this one should be avoided because they will only make you look even bigger. If you want your legs to look slimmer however then this is perfect because it is so big up top that anything else will look small in comparison. It would look great with a pair of skinny jeans and blue platforms.

MONIQUE LHUILLIER STRAPLESS FRINGE SKIRT BALL-GOWN. This is the one that the girl is wearing in my collage. If you are self conscious about your legs and don't like to wear really short skirts then this sort of look is perfect for you. The dress is both feminine and flirty whilst maintaining a certain level of bizarrness. There is nothing like a long ballgown to make an entrance. If it worked a hundred years ago then why not today? In fact, today it is easier to make an entrance in a ballgown because less people wear them.

TORY BURCH PRINTED STRAIGHT-LEG MID-RISE JEANS. These jeans are of such an intriguing design. You will find people looking at you just to figure out what design the wild paint splatters on your legs make up. They are an eye catchingly beautiful piece. They are very IN if worn with a patterned t-shirt as clashing prints are hot right now. Perfect artistic chic!

ALEXANDER McQUEEN FAITHFUL RED LEATHER ZIP BEAUTIES. These shoes have a very biker style about them. Whether it is the label's trademark skull on the zip or the fact that the zip is there in the first place I am unsure. Match with a t-shirt and bag that is the same colour, skinny jeans and a biker jacket.

CHRISTOPHER KANE LARGE AQUA BAG BLACK/PURPLE. This is the sort of piece that makes me fall in love with the creativity of the fashion world. Not because I love this item because I can think of plenty of other items from luxurious fashion brands that I would rather purchase but because it is so artistic and imaginative.

TOM BINNS SLAP DASH SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL BIB NECKLACE. I love bib necklaces at the moment. I recently bought one in the Dorothy Perkins sale. It is a statement piece but the somewhat bland colours (white and gold) are nothing compared to this neon beauty. The sparkling crystals ensure it stays beautifully girly too.

GEOMETRIC BANGLE. Just looking at this makes me feel happy (in my collage it is hidden behind the shoes) and inspired. It may only be small therefore not exactly eye catching but every little helps and if you want a more subtle look then this is the way to go about it.

VIKTOR & ROLF FLOWERBOMB EXTREME 50ML. If I am entirely honest I do not know why I chose this perfume to put in the bizarre collage because it is not very bizarre and I have never smelt it. However, nothing completes an entrance like a burst of scent but make sure it is not too bizarre or else you will attract nothing but flies.

PRADA DRESS. This fish scale looking dress goes perfectly with the Christopher Kane clutch that is also part of this collage. They are both very aquatic. The shimmery detail makes it even more attention grabbing and very on trend.


Bright colours always stand out in a bland backdrop and compliment you even more in a colourful backdrop so it is a win/win situation really. Colour blocking is still big on the high street has been huge over the summer. Again, you can experiment with this trend. My favourite colours to mix and match are coral and royal blue however lime green and bright red as a combination are growing on me.

MOSAIC FEATHER DRESS. The dress that the model is wearing will compliment almost any body type. The shimmery look is very autumn/winter '11/'12. This is a bonus as an entrance dress should radiate light and that is exactly what this dress does: very brightly coloured light.

HASMA CORAL TOP. With the wrong accessories this top would be very frumpy but paired with bright coloured skinny jeans it is very laidback cool. Perfect for a day out shopping as it is chic, casual and comfortable.

J BRAND BRIGHT RED MID RISE SKINNY JEAN. Red is such a beautiful colour, don't you think? It is such a feast for the eyes to see a block of bright red colour and such a treat when that block of colour is on an item of clothing like these scrumptious jeans. They compliment the tangerine orange part of the printed top and goes with the trilby hat.

RUBBER THONG SANDALS WITH PATTERN. You might not be able to see the pattern when you are wearing them but these functional flip flops are versatile enough to go with everything and easy to slip on and off at the beach or by the pool if you haven't had your summer holiday yet.

HOLLYWOOD TRADING COMPANY HAT. I have already told you my opinion on all things red. This trilby with the beads has a very bohemian look to it. It would look great with pixie cropped hair and feather earrings.

OPI NAIL POLISH. With the rest of the outfit being so vibrant it is nice for the nail polish to be slightly more subtle but still just as gorgeous. I have this same colour but by Barry M.

The beautiful entrance is probably the trickiest to master because you can't purely rely on your clothes and you have to have a certain degree of natural beauty which is genetic and a knowledge of the best beauty products which some of us can go through the whole of our lives without finding. If you look like any of the above beauties (Gisele, Angelina or Cheryl) then you will have no problem.

EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL TOP. The first step to beauty is a positive outlook. If you love everything around you then you will start to love yourself and with that comes new confidence and everyone knows that feeling good can lead to looking good. If you don't doubt yourself then you are less likely to be doubted by others. The world has a whole lot of ugly in it but if every person believed that the world was beautiful then maybe (slow as the process might be) the world might actually become more beautiful.

CHECKED CULOTTES. These remind me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and she is always potrayed as quite a pretty character. These shorts are delicate and ladylike which is exactly how one should act if they are aiming to draw subtle attention to their classic beauty.

BLACK WEDGES. The beauty of these shoes is more harsh but beautiful nonetheless. There is so much beautiful footwear out there (along with a handful of ugly "practical shoes) but I believe the key to beauty in the shoe area is if they look uncomfortable then they're beautiful. Of course this rule varies but generally super high heels are drop dead gorgeous (just be careful that you don't literally trip over in them a drop dead!)

PINK CLUTCH BAG. Ahh...How I love this colour..This little clutch really puts the hot into hot pink. It oozes class and sophistication but the bright colour makes sure it remains upbeat. The bow really completes it.

Lipstick and blush from
Mascara from Bobbi Brown
Eye lashes from
Perfume from Estee Lauder
Shatter nail varnish from OPI 

I picked the makeup at random. I will share my beauty faves with you some other time!
Ciao for Now (;

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