Friday, 2 September 2011

Autumn Trends: Folk

FOLK. In a 2011 Vogue issue (it has slipped my mind which one) there was a rather long article on folk in which they spoke of everything from musicians to witches (my memory of it is very blurred as I stayed up until a very late hour reading the whole article which, as I mentioned was very long) and I remember that the opening line contained very Derek Blasberg style humour mentioning that the average Vogue reader would choke on their skinny cappuccino at the sight of your stereotypical folk-y man. This might still be the case however, Vogue readers are now probably a lot more open minded about folk. I know that if a folk-y person walks when I'm sat in Starbucks with a copy of Vogue, drinking a skinny latte (I don't drink cappuccinos) I will not choke in disgust but instead I will probably think "cute jumper." This is because over sized knits, crochet patterns and layering all come together to create one big trend known as the folk trend. It is a new take on the past bohemian trend that has graced the rails of high street shops in recent years. Folk is not just a trend though, just as it is not just a genre of music; it is a way of life. For a girly look a maxi skirt is a must. An over sized blanket coat is one of the main cover ups of the season that is available both on the high street and the catwalk (maxi coats are popular on the catwalk but not yet widely available on the high street.) Dior and Sonya Rykiel were among designer labels that decided to channel their inner folk. Chloe's blanket coat is also an iconic piece. 


This is the iconic Chloe piece. Amongst a collection full of snakeskin has risen this folk inspired piece. It will keep you warm through the winter months and it will make a huge statement. I can imagine it is easily re-created through sewing patches of blanket together. I might try that. This beautiful and bold blanket has inspired a lot of high street looks in shops such as River Island and Primark. Blankets are the shape of the season but their close relative, the poncho, is also a stylish high street piece. It is a festival piece so hopefully this sort of look will still be in style next summer!
£40, Topshop
I love the tartan-ish print around the edges of this Topshop poncho. Tartan and checks are also a big hit on the catwalk this season.

Fashion Toast

Over sized jumpers are also bang on trend. The neutral red and brown is very natural and folk-like. The jeans complete the casual look whilst the boots reflect the great amounts of walking that folk-y people do but the small heel adds a touch of glamour.

Jumper, Primark. Top (underneath jumper), Kaos. Maxi Skirt, Kaos. Necklace, my friend made it for me.

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