Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn Trends: Heeled Loafers

If you are a triskaidekaphobic (frightened of the number thirteen) then I am sorry if the title of this post scares you but please read on.

HEELED LOAFERS. Yes, they are part of the androgynous trend and yes, they are very business-like therefore perfect for the new academic year. The loafer is a lot more beautifully sophisticated with a heel and it adds a young, feminine touch to what has the potential to be a boyish/granny shoe.

Just Cavalli's cream loafer has gold studs down the heel and along the bottom, with a leopard print toe: very chic.

Classy light brown leather at Tod's.

Sexy red leather and suede at Russell and Bromley.

Trendy khaki suede at Yves Saint Laurent.

Stylish barbecue (ahh..that word makes me hungry) coloured leather at Tommy Hilfiger.

Fashionable blue leather at Mulberry.

And tan leather at Ralph Lauren...

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Here, Katie Holmes sits in Prada heeled loafers that are paired with a loose knit jumper which is another huge trend this season. The hair and makeup really compliment the overall look. Style points to Katie!


These are what I call "naughty school girls shoes." Why? Because they would be perfect school shoes if not for the huge heel! However, the heel definitely distinguishes between a manly loafer and girly loafer. The plain black means that they still have the androgynous touch. It can be used for both daytime looks and nighttime looks as it will be great for work and looks great with a party dress too.

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