Saturday, 24 September 2011

autumn wishlist 12

FETISH. Louis Vuitton took this trend to extremes on the catwalk with sheer black skirts, corset belts and porter style caps. Now they are even selling gold handcuffs! Alexander McQueen and Burberry chanelled this trend through shoes with thigh high black lace up buckled stiletto boots at the former and black leather buckled platforms at the latter.

CATWALK FAVE. is being ridiculously slow right now but I have already said a lot about the Autumn/Winter Louis Vuitton collection so check it out on the links below. One of them describes the link to leather whilst the other describes the Peter Pan collars.
I like this look because it has a sort of workwear feel to it. The cute peter pan collar on the sheer short with the black pencil skirt is really not that different to what "normal" women wear to work at their office jobs. I have only just noticed the shoes and they are cute shoes too: black heeled ankle boots: very smart!

The sheer panels down the side of this dress make it really flattering on a small waist. It is not too out there as I am aware that many people probably find the fetish trend a rather daunting prospect. I probably would but lots of people think I dress like a freak already I like wearing way out clothes.


I love the obscurity of this dress. It has the sort of embellishments that you would perhaps expect to find in a knitted jumper however it has cleverly been woven instead using leather. The sheer material at the very bottom reminds me of the sheer materials used in the Louis Vuitton shows. As I have mentioned in  previous posts: the key idea Louis Vuitton were trying to get across was the idea of discipline. The boots which are visible undernearth the skirt are very military-like which suggests yet another sort of discipline as does the top of the dress with reminds me of some sort of intricate, ancient armour.

Dress, Bay. Shoes, Nine West

This dress was such a lucky find. The Bay section in Beales was closing down so they had a huge sale and I picked up this dress for only £5. I was looking round for a Halloween costume at the time and little did I know how nicely this dress would fit in with the future trends. So now I can wear it not just for Halloween. Yay! Win.

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