Saturday, 10 September 2011

autumn wishlist 8

PETER PAN COLLARS. Just incase there was any doubt in your mind: the '60s are still very much "in" this season. This time round they have completely captured the attention of celebrities.

For Caroline Flack's very current look pair a chiffon Peter Pan collar dress with a tan leather bag and strappy heels.

Elect a floral Peter Pan collar top with culottes and miniature handbag for Agyness Deyn's cutie pie image.

For prim and proper style like Alexa Chung's pick a black dress with a white Peter Pan collar and white cuffs with a subtle necklace, black quilted bag (a real Chanel, if you can afford it like Alexa can; lucky thing) and black buckled shoes.

For Fearne Cotton's uncomplicated, feminine look simply match a Peter Pan collared dress with a pair of cute shoes and you can never go wrong.


Louis Vuitton, Autumn/Winter 2011/12, Image from
Louis Vuitton's latest collection explores discipline. The most obvious of the disciplines that the label has demonstrated is clearly nodding towards bedroom habits with the fetish trend that the brand has started. However, perhaps the more subtle way of expressing how the label's creative directors have taken inspiration from different forms of discipline are the evident peter pan collars that seem to be overshadowed by outgoing, brave styles and materials. The collars represent the discipline of a maid.

I just love discovering new online stores. I find that the best place to do that is because there are always brand new totally affordable items worn and even if you don't like the the exact thing that Poppy is wearing or you don't think it will suit you then at least you have discovered a new place to shop and there are usually great sales on there where you can purchase other great bargains. This is what happened to me with this. It is from TFNC and it is in the sale for only £24. I mentioned in my last post that a silk blouse is an essential but what about a Peter Pan collared silk blouse with bat wainged sleeves, eh? Even better!
Alexa Chung. Image from who I am now following on tumblr. Whilst we are on that topic why don't you check out my tumblr?

I love this innocent, pretty, feminine outfit. Every item goes perfectly together. Only a true fashionista could reach this stage of outfit perfection like only a practised yogi can reach a state in meditation when they feel as though they are one with God.

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