Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fashion's Night Out

At first it was just another London evening. A flock of busy workers in smart suits walked briskly from their sky scraping offices to Charring Cross station. There had been a great deal of anticipation for this one event. A large section of Vogue's September Issue, a mention in local papers and a certain amount of online advertising had taken place to ensure that the function was even more successful than it had been in the  three previous years that it had taken place.

The atmosphere on Oxford Street was almost inconceivable but there was never any doubt that it would not be. The immensely fabulous atmosphere only increased when the "Vogue Fashion's Night Out" embellished  windows began to reflect the beautiful outfits of fashion's most elite crowds.

In Banana Republic finely dressed waiters and waitresses carried champagne and orange juice towards the anticipating shoppers. It was a night when all could come together in a world of luxury usually reserved only for the most privileged of the population. It was an aggregation of the rich and the poor; the young and the old; the experienced fashionistas and the whimsical shopaholics. A gathering mixture of these categories lent over a small table, eagerly filling out slips, all vying to win the entire Banana Republic shop display. The MadMen collection meant that there was no shortage of sixties styles. Their collection of skirts rose just above the knee, the trench coats were available in an array of patterns and the dresses suitable for work. There was no shortage of pearls and leopard print and these seemed to dominate the collection.

The night was a chance for Kurt Geiger to launch the new collection Everything but the Dress where the accessories range clashes luxury and high street fashion together into a perfectly wonderful mesh of delightful articles available to purchase.

H&M offered a photo booth where one could dress up in an assortment of wigs, hats and sunglasses. The ambiance was bubbly and high spirited as nine o'clock approached. The shop displayed a collection of outsize knits; huge trend of the season. As well as fitted jumpers in autumn brights; timeless classic. 

At half past nine the crowd filed into Starbucks. A cosy retreat where a skinny latte could be drank in peaceful solitude. One could admire the purchases of the night so far and look back at the exciting events that had been endured. Then it was back up and out to the craziness that was the last remaining hours of Fashion's Night Out 2011. 

Bond Street saw elegant models posing for photographs whilst showing some new up and coming collection. Young, leggy fashionistas strutted down the street with a confident air of sophistication whilst laughing, smiling huddles of friends made there way in and out of the deluxe shops. It soon became clear that this was where the hype was. This was the place to be. The only place in the UK that night that would make a style conscious girl's heart leap with passion. The chic semblance was one that could not be matched anywhere other than a fashion event. Soon, it was time to go and the still lively shoppers began to resemble the motif on the official Fashion's Night Out T-shirts by dancing along with their full shopping bags, skirts flowing behind and a lit up London backdrop. Nothing compares to the image that night and the feeling in the hearts of anticipators as they all returned back to their houses, hotels or to the station. A few party goers stayed out and headed towards London's best, most exclusive clubs and bars. 

All I could think was Only one more year to go until the next one...    

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