Friday, 30 September 2011

I Heart Quinn's New Look

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Is it odd that I totally prefer Glee Quinn Fabray's new look to her old one? I am not condoning the fact that she seems to now smoke weed and no longer wash but her style movement is definitely one that inspires me.

Firstly, I love pink hair right now. It started when Anastajia from Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model got her makeover. The two sad facts are that our school forbids unnatural hair colours and even if I went completely rebellious the thickness/frizziness/curliness of my hair would make it look like candyfloss: not a good thing.

Her small round sunglasses are very trendy. They were a huge summer style staple. I think I will buy some next summer. I am limiting myself to buying one pair of sunglasses a year. One of my friends bought like seven pairs this summer! I always buy cheap sunglasses because the trends are always changing. Big sunglasses suit me best but I am always up for experimentation. I bought cat eyes this year.
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The chicer of the two is definitely Quinn. When I was about ten years old I did go through the whole "I want to be a cool, popular cheerleader" stage but then I realised that the harsh reality was that firstly I live in the UK and schools are very different to schools in the US, namely, cheerleading isn't such a big thing. Secondly, I am hideously UNflexible. And thirdly, I don't think I am cut out for popularity: at least that is what I know from experience. I am really frightfully average popularity-wise. In fact, I probably have a few more haters than most: but popular girls usually do, right? Anyway, now I find that the unpopular girls are the real "cool" ones because it shows that they actually don't give a shit which really is what real "cool" is. Therefore Quinn is definitely cooler than Santanna.
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  1. I luuuurrrrrvvvveee your blog! I just discovered it! I've been thinking of creating a blog for a while, but I just can't decide. I think I might, you're very inspirational and a very clever writer! -Marylin

  2. :) I luuuurrrrrvvvveee Glee!


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