Wednesday, 21 September 2011

what i wore 20/8/2011

Top, Dorothy Perkins. Shorts, Soul Cal Deluxe at Republic. Sunglasses, River Island.

TROODOS MOUNTAINS. The Troodos Mountains are Cyprus' largest mountain range...blah blah blah. It's all very interesting but let's cut to the chase. My outfit on this day was not really emanating style to say the least but this day was sweltering hot and we did a lot of stuff that you can only do in practical clothing. I still reckon it would have been possible to do it in something slightly less functional but at the end of the day I was quite pleased with that day's sartorial choices. I had not entirely blanked the fashion world as when I had carefully selected the top from a wide range of colours in Dorothy Perkins. This summer tangerine was really "in" and I did not really have any tangerine clothes until I bought this. My summer signature cat eye sunglasses and vintage Dorothy Perkins rucksack were also still present.

DAY TRIP. Our day included a long drive to the mountains, wine tasting "for the grown ups" (but I had sips of all the nice stuff), shopping, swimming, looking round churches and monasteries, dipping in a freezing cold water fall, having a delicious Greek lunch and going off road in the jeep.

PAPA COOL. Our driver was literally AMAZING. He was so lovely and if I repeated his jokes it just wouldn't be the same because he would not be saying them. We had music blaring out loudly as we drove over bumps and went down steep hills off road.

Top, Dorothy Perkins, Skirt, River Island. Shoes, Lilly and Skinner.

What to wear to a monastery. In the monastery that we went to we could not show our knees or shoulders. How perfect when midi skirts are in?! In this outfit I rocked three catwalk summer trends: blue, tangerine and cat eye sunglasses. One autumn catwalk trend: midi skirt. One high street summer trend: gladiator sandals.  

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  1. The shawl is a perfect touch, and your overall look really compliments the setting.


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