Thursday, 13 October 2011

Autumn Trends: Pleats

PLEATS. Midis, maxis and palazzo pants will bring a super stylish urban cool into your wardrobe this season. Clashing autumn brights like mustard, green, royal blue and maroon are flattering on most bodies.

Hemlines have been getting increasingly confusing over the last couple of seasons. We seem to have gone from mini to maxi to midi in the space of about a year. Unsure about longer lengths? For some people they can seem quite daunting because they are such a style statement but they definitely make the right sort of statement. It is sort of like saying "Oh yeah, look at me, I'm on trend"  in a subtle way.

Perhaps some people stray from longer lengths because they think that boys won't like them if they dress in outfits that cover them up. Firstly, this is ridiculous as a "modern" (and I stress the word modern) feminist and fashion lover I strongly believe that style should come before boys.  However, it is quite a well known fact that the majority of the male race do not like maxi skirts or gladiator sandals (weird, right?)

A midi is a nice in between stage but in some ways its even scarier than the maxi. Just one year ago I used to think that midi skirts were pointless (they're like half a maxi or double a mini!)

The reason the majority of boys dislike maxi skirts is supposedly because they do not show off one's figure or show any legs (and boys please know, I am not categorising, not every male thinks this.) Therefore, you would suppose that maxi skirts are off limits for those looking for a boyfriend, right? WRONG. Hello; sheer, pleated maxis/midis are totally in!

My incorporation of the fetish trend into the pleated midi. The rest of this outfit does not resemble to hard core styles at Louis Vuitton but when I purchased this skirt from one of my local charity shops, that was the look I was aiming for but this skirt is simply too versatile. And for only £5!

I actually decided to focus on cuteness in this look: see the candy coloured top that is actually a playsuit but the shorts are hidden under the skirt and the cute cropped little cardigan with big buttons.

When you look closely at this outfit by Rachel Comey, you can see that there is a black pleated skirt, similar to the one that I own, however with a slightly shorter hemline.  Although the print is the most eye grabbing, as it is Comey's trademark and is seen a lot throughout the collection, pleats were not unaccounted for as they are sneakily slipped in under the bold dresses to add a touch of subtle chicness.

Image source (

And here is the classic mini dress, how refreshing. Aren't the shoes just adorable?

1) Brown Pleated Midi Skirt £38 River Island

2) Black Pleated Midi Skirt £125

3) Pleated Dress £20

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