Friday, 28 October 2011

Book Day

I would have done this post sooner but a major technical blip means that I can't even show you my costume, which sucks, right? I can't upload any of the 89 photographs that I have on my phone (most of which are outfit pictures) because the something's up with the Bluetooth on my laptop, my mum's laptop and the family computer. What. A. Bummer. 

Therefore I shall have to use my awesome descriptive skills to explain the outfit (if they don't work then just click here to see a photo from the shop that I purchased it from.) The character that I went as was Letty Larkspur from Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen. Perhaps, not such a well known character but it is a great book nonetheless and it meant that I got to dress up as someone from the 1920s (my favourite decade.) 

So, I came as a flapper in a garnet coloured dress with tassles down the front and velvet down the back. I wore a matching headdress with a feather coming out the top and elbow length matching gloves. I also painted my nails in a matching colour before realising that I would, in fact, be wearing gloves but I did take them off when writing in lessons. I wore some black sling-back stiletto court shoes and fish net tights. I felt vintage all day; it was fabulous. I had contemplated buying a cigarette holder from the dressing up store because it would go nicely with my outfit and I just love those long cigarette holders. They are so elegant and of course one cannot forget the iconic Audrey Hepburn photograph. I am tempted to buy one when I am older and sit in a Parisian cafe just pretending to smoke it. 

You might have noticed how I am including an increasing amount of Polyvore collages in my posts. I hope you don't mind this. It's just that I don't actually have my own camera (I sometimes borrow my mum's which isn't that great in the first place) so I have to use my phone which takes awful pictures. I am starting a photography project and use school camera's at school and they are professional ones so hopefully I will learn to use a camera properly and then I can invest in Cannon1000d (I think I will get one from ebay for my birthday next August.) Until then; crappy photos and Polyvores I'm afraid. Writing was always more my thing in the first place. Plus I really enjoy Polyvore!

Here's one I did 5 months ago:

Items in this set

1960'S Black Fringed Mini Dress
1920's Style Burgundy & Black Hand Beaded & Fringe Flapper DRESS
Rupert Sanderson Black Patent Mary-Jane Pumps
1920s Art Deco Lapis Lazuli and Opal Ring, Platinum, Rose Cut Diamonds : Erie Basin Antiques
1920s Style Headband
1) When I mentioned the tassles on my dress I meant it like the tassles on this dress just in case you were finding it difficult to picture what I meant by tassles. Oh, I forgot to mention that mine is also a midi dress.

2) Click on the link to this item. Or perhaps don't if you think that you might get insanely jealous of anyone who owns it. It is all sold out; not that it was exactly that affordable in the first place but wow my heart skipped a beat when I saw this dress head on. I love this website; it's a shame that it is in America so the shipping probably costs a fortune. Make sure you check out their Halloween costumes. I just love the black swan one, not to mention the numerous flapper outfits. Also check out the wedding dresses, they are beautiful. 

3) Some classic Mary Jane heeled pumps will never go amiss in your wardrobe. I think I will get some for my week of work experience in July.

4) How lovely is this ring? Vintage jewellery makes me feel nostalgic which is weird seeing as I was born in the late '90s; hardly very vintage. 

5) I already have a hair band like this from Accessorize. I bought it a couple of years back only to find that Sarah Harding had also been seen wearing the exact same one.  

On Book Day it seemed like the world was going to be taken over by teenage girls in furry jumpsuits. It was like "Woah." Everywhere you turned there was some sort of leopard or zebra Again, this is annoying because I have a photo saved on my phone of me and my friends in the Topshop changing rooms, each wearing one. I did have my heart set on the leopard print one but now I am not so sure. It is another example of the navy Jack Wills gilet and the Blackberry; everyone has it. So I am not really sure if I want to go down that route any more. Anyway, time for another Polyvore...

Items in this set

Pointelle Pj Vest
Velvet Kimono
Star All In One
Purple Haze - Hooded Footed Pajamas - Pajamas Footie PJs Onesies One Piece Adult Pajamas -
Yellow Fire Trucks - Hooded Footed Pajamas - Pajamas Footie PJs Onesies One Piece Adult Pajamas -
Pink Duckie Hoodie - Hooded Footed Pajamas - Pajamas Footie PJs Onesies One Piece Adult Pajamas -
Pink Stars - Hooded Footed Pajamas - Pajamas Footie PJs Onesies One Piece Adult Pajamas -
Frosty Dot Hoodie - Hooded Footed Pajamas - Pajamas Footie PJs Onesies One Piece Adult Pajamas -
Fairisle Stripe Vest And Shorts Pj Set
Elle Star Embroidered Slippers
Alyssa Norton Diamanté and braided silk friendship bracelet
Brown Leather Wrap Charm Friendship Bracelet
pave ball stud earring
Carole Box Chain Friendship Bracelet Burnt Red/ Gold One Size
Alexander McQueen Skull tapestry cushion
Brisbane Stripe Cushion
Xhilaration® Purple Scroll Bed in a Bag : Target
London Red Cushion - Decorative textiles - Maisons du Monde
Velvet Bed, modern bedroom
Candy Apple Red - Hooded Footed Pajamas - Pajamas Footie PJs Onesies One Piece Adult Pajamas -
Monsoon Blue Kantha Stitch Cushion Cover
Ivan Smith Furniture | Queen Beds | Wyatt Brown Cherry Queen Bed Marketplace : Authentic Gianni Versace Handknotted Wool Rug for sale (2445JK)
1, 2, 3, 9, 10) I have an obsession with Topshop nightwear at the moment. I just love all of it; especially the slippers (10) and the kimono dressing gowns (2.) They have a wide range of onesies; furry on the inside, furry on the outside or both. Stars are very in at the moment (you must have been living on another planet not to realise; oh, wait stars are in up in space too) so 3 is one of my favourites but the grey colour is a bit dull so I prefer the leopard print one (I have some photos of it on my phone.) 

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 20) Just some random people chilling in their onesies. I have a dressing gown in the exact same pattern as number 8. Too bad you don't need a dressing gown when you're wearing a furry onesie. 

11, 12, 14) Friendship bracelets are bang on trend if you are looking for an effortless, chilled, slightly bohemian look. Think short denim shorts, a checked shirt, a thin brown headband, feather earring, sunglasses, flip flops AND friendship bracelets or anklets. 

13) I love pearl earrings!

15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23) Some random chic furniture for the onesie clad crowd to chill on. However, I specifically adore the Alexander McQueen skull tapestry cushion (15) but I think the skulls might scare me a bit at times! I also love number 22 and number 21. 21 would insure that it is summer all year round in your home and 22 is just looks so comfortable and stylish.    

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