Saturday, 15 October 2011


STORY. She’s attractive, she’s well-liked, she’s got preppy ‘90s outfits galore. But when Cher takes on clueless new girl Tai as her new “project”, her ideal Beverly Hills life is changed forever and she realises that popularity is not the be all and end all. She might have high school under control but when it comes to love she’s, well, Clueless.

STYLE. Stylish 90s fashion has a not-quite-vintage-yet nostalgic feel to it. Think tartan skirt suits in every colour (namely, yellow), faux fur backpacks, white Calvin Klein (revealing) slips and red bodycon Alaia dresses (sad times when she gets mugged and it gets ruined.) We simply cannot forget her computer screen matching clothes wardrobe. People might not make a habit of dressing like her anymore but the style has a kooky school girl appeal that cannot just fade away into oblivion. 

Yellow is always a very striking colour. It takes confidence and the right skin tone to pull it off but Cher has bucket loads of confidence and her slightly sun kissed Beverly Hills skin seems to go with every colour. 

The Victorian blouse might be from a century before this film but it is a chic timeless piece that can be slipped under a statement jacket or paired with a statement skirt from any time period or simply worn on its own, perhaps with a statement necklace or a couple of strings of pearls. 

Over the knee socks are essential for a chic school girl look. They go fabulously with heeled loafers and brogues as well as with court shoes like the pair above. 


  1. Love this movie! Adore the amount of styles featured!

  2. Clueless is one of my top teen flicks to watch! You picked some great items inspired by the movie:)


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