Saturday, 22 October 2011

wintry greens

So you think of winter and you think of blue as it symbolises cold or maybe you think of white as that is the colour of snow. Perhaps you even think of reds, oranges and yellows as a cosy fire. Or reds and greens for Christmas.

What you don't think of however, is the colours of the rainbow all splayed out on a mass of green lawn, kept neatly and looking beautiful under the sunlight.

And rightly so, winter will never be associated directly with blooming flowers as that is scientifically incorrect. Yes, the majority of plants blossom in the spring. However, if you are interested in the bizarre then winter gardens are a lot more intriguing.

Givenchy very much channelled this mystical idea in their autumn/winter collections. Even experimenting with winter animals (see that hat with ears.) Also notice the evergreen bush either side of the runway. 

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