Thursday, 10 November 2011

Annie Hall

I did not entirely understand this film so I will not pretend that I did and bore you in my attempt to describe the plot. To sum it up though, it follows the lives of two lovers during their relationship. Perhaps the reason I did not pay too much attention to the plot was because I was admiring her clothes; Annie Hall's that is. 
At first I could not quite put my finger on her style but as the film progressed it definitely grew on me. It was a kind of cool, bohemian chic. However, throughout the film she also wears some more androgynous styles. She quite often reinvents herself with different outfits but keeps the same look at the same time, if you get what I mean. 
For £4.99 this dress is fabulous; so bohemian, hippie like. It also looks very comfortable. It's the sort of thing that would be perfect to chill out in but can be dressed up too. 

So, you look at this top and you think: oh, a polo-neck. However, this is not just any polo-neck. It is a (wait for it) heat generating long sleeve thermal top. Perfect for going underneath summery maxi dresses like the one above. Polo-necks are very controversial at the moment. Some people think that they are frumpy and cover up too much. However, they are fabulous for wearing under summer tops like in the same way that tights and leggings go under skirts and shorts. Vogue recently did a feature on polo-necks with an argument for and against. 

Dress, Republic. Top, Marks and Spencers 
Shirt, H&M. Waistcoat, Tammy @ BHS. Chinos, Primark.

 Above, are my takes on both Annie's outfit in her first appearance and her signature look (the shirt, waistcoat and chinos.) She wears the waistcoat with the top button done up and the rest of them loose. Her mentioned her androgyny earlier and now you probably see what I mean. You can purchase the shirt here.

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