Saturday, 19 November 2011

Guitarists and Folk Music

Emmy the Great
After playing guitar for four years I finally managed to find the sort of music that is really for me, my niche. I had tried classical on my acoustic nylon string guitar and I had tried rock on my pink electric guitar. However, for Grade Three last year I decided to have a go at folk guitar. So, this year I am taking Grade Four folk guitar and I have to buy a steel string acoustic for Christmas. I love the sound of it and the possible tunes. It produces a Taylor Swift-esque noise. I just wish I was better at singing.

Folk music is very suited to busking in a park. The scene is just so picturesque; especially when one is wearing a trilby hat, a loose knit jumper, a floral skirt and a chic pair of ankle boots.

Alex Winston
The good thing about guitars is that they sound just as good on their own as they do in a band. Emmy the Great and Alex Winston both started out by playing the guitar on their own but they now both have recorded albums and perform with backing bands.. They are both incredibly chic and stylish. In the world of fashion, music is nodding in their direction.

The culture of folk is an ever growing trend. In a recent Vogue issue they featured a huge spread on all the different parts of the culture and the different roles that people play; from witches to, well, guitarists. Oversized blankets have gone from hobo freak to hugely chic.

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