Saturday, 19 November 2011

Inspirational People: Lily Allen

In her video for No.1 single, The Fear.
For many people, Lily Allen seems to have faded from view in the past year or so. At the start of 2010 she decided to take a break from music to focus on her family. In 2008 she miscarried after four months. However, the then twenty three year old really wanted to become a mum and when she got pregnant again in 2010 she did not want to take any risks. Her last album, It’s Not Me It’s You, was released in 2009. Not FairThe Fear and 22 were the three most successful singles from her second album. She later on featured in Just be Good to Green by Professor Green. Recently a new single has been released featuring one of her songs from It’s Not Me It’s You that has part of the song, Who’d Have Known. This single features Wiz Khalifa. 

In Chanel earrings and with pink
hair too!  Lookin' good. She almost
makes the burger look stylish.
To give up music must have been a huge sacrifice for Lily as it had been a prominent aspect of her life for over eight years and she was absolutely devastated when she miscarried again at six months. Friends at this time were worried for her as she was so distraught after her loss. However, she found hope through none other than fashion and her and her older sister, Sarah. They opened a boutique in London called Lucy In Disguise. It sells vintage and retro clothes. When it first opened in September 2010 there was a lot of speculation over its success. Sarah Jessica Parker apparently visited and left with nothing and it is said that the siblings’ understanding of fashion and retail is flawed. In July this year they were forced to close their boutique in Covent Garden but it is not necessarily over for Lucy in Disguise. The pair may reopen in another location in the future. 

Although she has slowly sort of faded out of the mainstream media, the singer turned fashion designer is still controversial. A lot of people dislike her but she has not let that stop her from achieving her dreams and that is why she is so inspirational. 

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