Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pretty Passion, Fine Fashion #2

An award winning outfit by eco-friendly designer, Sara Emilie Terp Hansen who won the award for Unique Balance at this year's Centre for Sustainable Fashion's Fashioning the Future Awards. Image courtesy of
To read more about the ceremony and to see other award winners go to

High profile awards ceremonies are synonymous with style. They are a chance for fresh, young designers to establish themselves as a brand and a chance for already popular labels to broadcast new collections and boost current sales. What about less mainstream award ceremonies though? OK, waaay less mainstream. I'm talking about school ones of course. I would, however, like to point out that although I described it as waaay less mainstream and it certainly was not the Oscar's or the BAFTAs; the mayor did attend, it was in a special off site venue and it shall be in the local paper. 

The shortage of couture however, did not equal the shortage of style or (dare I be so cheesy?) the shortage of talent. My friend and I were constantly commentating on the outfits throughout the morning's rehearsal. The headteacher's black suede knee high boots were nice, we decided, but the suit+roll-neck ensemble was not working out for her. Then there was a sixth former who wore a cream sheer blouse with black silk details paired with burgundy trousers that we loved. I did not notice until later how much I loved the elaborately designed top that looked very Versace-like. It was slightly out-sized but fitted at the same time. It was navy with gold embellishments. As far as footwear was concerned there was no lack of chic boots, chunky heels or brogues. Silk/sheer shirts were in abundance as were erm...short skirts. 

However, as Year 10 we were under strict orders not to roll up our skirts but I do not roll mine up anyway and I have a post planned that will explain my reasons for that choice. 

An awards ceremony is not unlike a fashion show. For me this meant ensuring that both my hair and my make-up were looking chic and smart. I tied my hair up in a high bun. I put on a bit more mascara than usual and added blusher to my cheeks. 

I won the award for Japanese by the way (thank you very much) whilst the friend whom I was commenting on the style with, won the award for Food Technology (talk about friends with benefits!) 

Although it was all a bit of a drag I was inspired by the ceremony. You know, inspired in the kind of geeky way that the school wants you to be inspired. 


This is the exact shirt that one of the sixth form girls was wearing. I had loved this style before anyway. I really want to get a new chiffon shirt. I only have one that is really floaty and I would prefer something more subtle and versatile. 

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