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When you get a season that manages to make huge trends of both fetish and androgyny, what do you get? Gothic Victorian of course. Giles, Alexander McQueen and Tory Burch took a trip back in time with high neckline tops and dresses. Black buckled boots also make up this trend. 

Victorian Lookbook
Below are some Victorian themed links for both style inspiration as well as items that you might actually want to purchase.

Modern Lady. This pussy bow dress is also available in blue and pink but I would suggest the black because it is the most vintage inspired and will look awesome in the fast approaching holiday season with some sparkly tights and black suede ankle boots. I will be doing some Christmas party outfitting posts in the near future. This style suits curvy, womanly figures well because of the floaty material and the way that it flows around the figure of the wearer. It puts a modern twist on Victorian party-wear.

Vintage Victorian. This would probably be seen as vintage in Victorian times too as it reminds me of an Elizabethan ruff only slightly more understated. This season, all shapes and sizes of collars and chokers are popular. Peter Pan collars have a classic 1960s feel, especially when the outfit is monochrome or they add a luxe look in metallics. On the right, this collar from Asos is very Victorian, perhaps even Medieval or Renaissance. The colouring is opulent but the collar is sort of like a ruff. The outfit on the right has the correct amount of minimalism that nods towards good Victorian middle class schoolgirl; just swap the mini skirt for a maxi. Or perhaps the oh-so chic midi length with some cute ribbed socks. For a touch of androgyny go for a bow tie instead: a rising trend that can also be found on Asos.     

School Boy. The vintage brown satchel is so classic and quite similar to that of a Victorian school boy. You can even get your initials engraved into it so it can become a sort of family heirloom perhaps. I have just ordered the red one as I wanted to put an original spin on the classic and I also got my initials emblazoned in it to make it extra personal. I became aware of the brand through looking at various different fashion blogs. The fluro collection seemed to be very popular among style bloggers. I like it and even though I wanted to get one in an original colour, I did want it to go with the rest of my wardrobe so that it would be money well spent as they are not cheap, mine's a Christmas present.

Lady. Wear with a black maxi skirt if you are really daring but this shirt will look good with a range of bottoms. A long, thin silver chain would look super understated chic with it. I know I said about the maxi skirt but I cannot help but imagine this shirt with some printed leggings and black suede ankle boots and a trilby hat.

Poor Boy. The chino has seen a phenomenal success on the high street this year which will hopefully continue onto next year as they are so flattering. The dark orangey shade of these from Debenhams remind me of chimney sweepers because of both the shape and the colour. This style in black is also very Victorian and black is definitely the colour for trousers this season.

Upper Class Lady. This detected this dress and instantly fell head over heels for it. For £789, to say that it is a little out of my price range is an understatement. Jack Wills is a classically British brand with sometimes Victorian looking items. This season it is a lot classier and more glamorous. Out with rugby tops and tracksuits and in with the maxi dresses and tweed blazers.

Oliver Twist. Baker boy hats are very cute. Although they sort of originated with Dickensian characters in the 19th Century nowadays they have been reinvented and can look quite glamorous. Like this one below with the opulent button and thin gold ropes. If you buy a plain one from a cheap/thrift/charity shop then you can get creative and customise it in a number of different ways, like adding a button or rope, or maybe some jewels/diamant├ęs and ribbons.

The Hardcore Vintage. I have recently discovered an array of online vintage stores thanks to Paperdoll- Vintage. I think Adore Vintage is my favourite because it goes the furthest back in time and, as you probably know, I love the 1920s. However, it dates as far back as Victorian times as you can see here in this vintage blouse. It is perfect for 1950s/60s hooped dresses and swinging skirts.

The Individual Investment. Rice and Beans Vintage has a range of one off designer vintage items and lots of Chanel. This Victorian jacket is $600 but is a one off so no one else will have it. The same goes with everything else on this site. It really is all a piece of history. I will definitely be purchasing some Chanel from there in the future. It is vintage and a lot cheaper than you would get it in store.

Celine. The androgynous trend has not been phased out with the new season. This is a look that was sent down the runway at Celine's Spring/Summer show. I also think that the reinvention of the tuxedo for women would make a perfect Christmas outfit. I'm thinking black sparkly blazer, trousers and bow tie. I love bow ties at the moment. 

Chanel. Chanel is definitely my favourite S/S collection, not just because it's Chanel but because lots of clean cut silhouettes were presented. Everything was so neat and just so. This floaty maxi skirt to the left oozes gothic femininity. The collection featured rich embellishments and over-flowing ruffles. 

Givenchy. Just from browsing through the shows on I can tell that suits are a massive up and coming trend. Givenchy took the classic suit and changed its colour and proportions until you get what I am predicting to be one of the next big things: the pale pink suit. 

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  1. I'm a fan of sheer blouses with collars, that embellished one looks lovely!


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