Saturday, 19 November 2011

rock and roll

Rock is another movement and music type that originated in the mid sixties. It is sometimes associated with emo style and lots of black. Today it can be incorporated into our wardrobes in a toned down manner with a few rock-star accessories and a bit of attitude.

Like the hippie movement it is also often associated with drugs and people refer to the “rock-star lifestyle” a lot. It can be said that Frankie Cocozza, who was recently kicked off of the popular TV Talent Contest, The X Factor, lived this sort of lifestyle. He had slept with a lot of girls and liked to boast about it, he was a hardcore partier and, by the time he was banned from the show, had gotten into Class A drugs.

Rock is portrayed a lot by the media. A TV show has already been mentioned and a film will be mentioned in the next paragraph. The book “Johnny Be Good” by Paige Toon is about a young woman who gets a job as a personal assistant for an internationally known rock-star who lives the stereotypical “rock-star lifestyle.” It shows how difficult it really is to work for someone like that. A well known song by Nickleback which was featured in a DFS campaign a few years ago has these lyrics in its chorus “’Cause we all just a wanna be a big rock star and live in hilltop houses, drivin’ fifteen cars and we’ll hang out in coolest bars with the VIPs and movie stars, every good gold digger’s gonna wind up there, every playboy bunny with her peach blonde hair and hey, hey I wanna be a rock-star.” This time we are not necessarily responsible for stereotyping. How can we be when every type of popular media is telling us the same thing? There are rock-stars out there that do not go to such extremes as they just want to work hard on the music, which is why they got involved in the first place but they probably still have a bit of a rock-star attitude. We cannot blame them for their behaviour as there is probably temptation around every corner.

If you have watched the film Grease, if not then I highly recommend that you do as it is my favourite film, then you will probably have heard a lot of rock and roll at the school dance and talk of rock and roll in the songs i.e. “rock and roll is here to stay, it will never die. It was meant to be that way, thought I don’t know why.” The most influential musicians from the early rock era were probably The Beatles and Elvis Presley, who both focused on the rhythm and blues side to rock which was paramount in the early rock age. In H&M at the moment they sell t-shirts with both photographs of Elvis and photographs of The Beatles on them as well as ones featuring Guns and Roses and The Rolling Stones. Jimi Hendrix was a very talented rock guitarist during this era and his style of music was more like the rock that we hear today.

From the late sixties up until the eighties, rock became an art form. Andy Warhol even became manager of rock band, Velvet Underground. Fashion is an art form so with all the rock and art merging together, let us takes a look at the style from that era. Expressive patterns and structured jackets were in abundance which signifies art’s influence at the time.

The punk movement was a large one that shifted popular music a lot. Today, we often refer to “punk style” in magazines or on style blogs. The Sex Pistols were probably the most significant artists of this era and the ones that we have heard of today.

Heavy metal, this is the sort of thing that I wanted to get to. I listen to Aerosmith sometimes as I have their album on my iPod but there are some people that say that Aerosmith are not heavy metal. Some of their songs are like “Toys in the Attic” are closer to heavy metal whereas songs like “I don’t wanna miss a thing” are bluesier. Heavy metal is arguably the most commonly misunderstood rock form.

Nowadays, the most popular type of rock is Indie rock with an Indie rock boyfriend being one of this season’s most stylish accessories. Keira Knightley is currently dating a member of Indie rock band, The Klaxons. Stylish couples are so hot right now. It is just so aesthetically pleasing to see two good looking people walking hand in hand. The Kooples campaign, French Connection campaign and Jack Wills all feature very stylish couples. 

To conclude, today, rock can be incorporated into our wardrobes through wearing T-shirts that commemorate previous rock heroes. I have seen a lot of people wearing the Guns and Roses T-shirt that you can see above and every time I see someone wearing it I think that they must have something to do with rock and roll. Wearing them with some distressed skinny jeans and battered black converses gives off the "I don't care" look but if you want something more glamorous opt for a black tube skirt, holey black tights, black platforms and lots of gothic make-up. Chokers are huge this season and a black choker will add a touch of rock to the tamest outfits as will black eye make-up, so there are many ways in which you can rock out. Have fun experimenting.

PS. If you want the look to work really well, join a band! If you don't already play an instrument, take up bass guitar as you can join a band almost straight away as the simplest sequences are easy enough for a beginner to learn.     

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