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December 10th- Gift Guide for Work Relationships

Gift Guide: Someone whom you have a professional relationship with
Show your initiative with a fitting gift. You never know, it might just get you a promotion, a bonus/raise or just improve your work relationships. Creativity is a must and like, in any job, sometimes risks pay off.

Hamper Pamper £33.50,
However personal you make your hamper depends on how well you know the recipient. If you know them well then perhaps you can add some of their favourite things. I think this is a brilliant idea, something I would love to receive. If you do not know this person then the sort of hamper that is above would be perfect. Perhaps you could make one and give it theme e.g for a car fanatic you could put in a framed photograph or painting of a special make of car and some car sweets as well as maybe one of those scented things that hangs down at the front of a car. It is £33.50 for a ready made one like the one above. However, here is a guide to your own D.I.Y Christmas hamper:

What you will need:
  • A basket
  • A ribbon
  • Tinsel, sticker, glitter or anything else you want to decorate your hamper with.
In it you might want to include:
  • Fruit
  • Jam 
  • Candles
  • Biscuits
  • Chocolates
  • Wine
  • Gift Vouchers
  1. Put the chosen items into the basket.
  2. Arrange the items so that they look aesthetically pleasing for the recipient.
  3. Decorate how you wish, using the ideas above.
  4. Tie the ribbon round and voilĂ ! Promotion here we come.
N.B. Of course this will work for anybody whom you wish to give a gift to, not only work relations.

Great looks books Waterstones
Waterstones vouchers are great because they show intellect by showing that you go to Waterstones therefore you probably read which increases one's IQ by a considerable amount (well, supposedly, some books are just a bit of fun!) Whilst we're talking about fun books, I recommend Paige Toon who has written three novels. I have read two of them. Anyway, if you are aiming for a promotion then it is probably best to just read Dickens in front of the boss (as I am right now thank you very much, Great Expectations by the way) or you can always pretend to. Although Waterstones mostly sell an enormously wide range of books they also pass on some other book related products that could be interesting for the recipient of this gift. Why a book voucher and not a book? Well, even if you know the interests  of the person whom you are giving the gift to they might already have the book that you are planning to give them.

A certificate of achievement John Lewis
A gift certificate from a department store is always an apt gift as it shows that some form of thought has gone into it but it is not too niche as almost anything can be purchase from a department store such as John Lewis. 

16 Sleeps To Go

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