Sunday, 11 December 2011

December 11th- Gift Guide for the Neighbour

For the noisy neighbours £22.47 £14.90, Amazon

The one whom you have never quite seen eye to eye with £3.99,

For the elderly neighbours £7.50 £6.37, Debenhams

For the young, trendy shoe lover £25.52,

For the hot guy £56.87, Chanel

The Girl Next Door £7, Wonder in Alicebands

I am feeling so Christmassy this evening. For the duration of this day I was in a rather teenager-y mood. You know, like oh my God, I'm so tired, my life's so boring, my family are so annoying etc ect. But then I got really inspired by The X Factor final even though I did not mind much who won as I had not been paying much attention to the show this year. We have just finished decorating the tree and now I am so happy. That is why I have a snowflake on my head in one of the photos above. 

For some people, pink is a princess-y childish colour but I spent the majority of what I remember from childhood thinking that it was really cool to dress like a tom boy although, I must admit, the extent of my tom boy antics was wearing a blue dress as aposed to a pink one. Nevertheless purple and blue were my childhood. So, now, I am making my comeback. Everything I have is pink, apart from the red Cambridge Satchel that I am getting for Christmas. People pretty much know me as the pink girl. 

For this season wear head to toe bright fuchsias and magentas for an a la mode look. Where did I get this info? Vogue. So trusts, it's legit. 

15 Sleeps To Go!

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