Tuesday, 13 December 2011

December 13th- Gifts for your Boyfriend for £25 and Under

1) Style guidance: Be dressed in this t-shirt with a knitted snood, jeans and some biker boots. High street designer labels such as Superdry, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and Jack Wills are super fetching. Hey, super fetching, Superdry! £24.99, Superdry.

2) Does he want a bit of designer in his wardrobe? These Marc by Marc Jacobs socks are high fashion but without the high fashion price tag. £20, Matches.

3) OK, so here are some more socks and a number of people say that socks are uninteresting but these socks have such an intricately remarkable pattern that I just could not turn a blind eye. Plus, they are in a pack of 2 so double the sock enjoyment. £14, Urban Outfitters.

4) Another Superdry  super buy that this winter will keep hands super dry. Actually, in the snow it might not because they are not waterproof but they are endearing anyway and I was rather proud of my rhyme. £22.99, Superdry.

5) Polonecks are still a controversial matter. I think that it is high time they came back in. I have an outsized knit poloneck and a plain black poloneck. They just seem to fit in with all the trends this season. They are also perfect for wearing under short sleeved dresses and tops though, although this is risky as can easily look frumpy so approach with caution. This simple simplistic poloneck will go with nearly everything but black skinny jeans and Converses would look finest. £19.90 £12.90, Uniqlo.

6) As it says in the video, black trousers are the trouser of the season. Plus these will look fantastic with the poloneck above. Another understated Uniqlo great. £29.90 £19.90, Uniqlo.

7) This handkerchief is so pretty. I find that there is something quite vintage about it but I just cannot decide what time period it is from. Possible the '50's? £20, Reiss.

8) The material of this shirt is almost shiny. The skinny tie is very '60's. J'adore ça. £14.00, George at Asda.

9) Gone are the days when snowflake embellished knits are "something your grandma bought you." They are the epitome of winter style. Also from Asda. £8.00, George at Asda

10) Gilets are the third item on this list that has risen from Z list to A list (along with polonecks and snowflake patterns.) This is why I love fashion, it is always changing. Three years ago if someone had told me that I would be wearing loafers to school and that I would actually like them I would have been like, “You what?” Gilets used to just be known as the puffy jackets that make you look fat but they are now available in such an array of exciting shapes, sizes and colours that they are hard to resist. This one is, however, pushing the price boundary to its limits. £40.00 £25, Bank.

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