Wednesday, 14 December 2011

December 14th- Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Under £15

Perhaps you will be pleased to learn that this is my last gift guide post. I will have a couple of stand alone ones on the 19th and the 20th that will be broadcasting some last minute gifts. Now we get down to real nitty gritty Christmas stuff like parties and outfits, recipes and vintage Christmases. In this post I have accumulated all the gift guides that I have done so far and plucked the best of the best and the most affordable out of the affordable and unaffordable alike. I think I have probably covered everyone who you would be wanting to buy for. In case you missed any of my previous December posts or you are just looking for gifts to buy people, here are a list of links to all my previous guides:

Today I uploaded a YouTube video on the tiresome process of how I get my crazy hair to calm down and straighten. Here it is below. By the way, please subscribe to my channel. Although I rarely update and I find my videos highly embarrassing I feel as though it is a part of the whole blogging experience so please check out my channel and videos. Comments are also welcome. Thanks.

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