Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

2011 was been an eventful year. I created this blog, Kate Moss got married, it was an end of an era for Harry Potter. 
Despite the business of last year, there are several skills that I wish to acquire. By this time in 2013 I aim to be able to confidently use chopsticks. I love Chinese and Japanese food and a lot of my friends are competent chop stick users so it is embarrassing if I cannot use them if we are having an oriental meal out (which is frequent as we all love sushi!) I am learning Japanese and when I do eventually visit Japan it would be marvellous if I could show them that I appreciate their language and their choice of cutlery. In the new year I am also going to try my absolute best to become a liquid eye liner pro. I can't even draw a straight line en ce moment and I desire to be able to do all sorts of decorative, funky patterns but ultimately I just want to master the classic look with ease because the goal is always to be Alexa Chung. 
So, I guess this post is to say happy new year to you. Thank you for your continued support in my debut year as a Teen Blogger. I hope your lovely, kind comments continue into 2012. 
Have a pretty fine New Year! Cheers xoxo



  1. You have choosen great pictures! I like them))
    Happy New Year!!!

    Visit my blog please)

  2. Thanks for your comment Alexandra. I've checked out your blog and left a comment as well as followed you :) x


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