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There is now only one more day until I go back to school. Oh, how the time flies. Christmas rushed by with a flutter of a well made up with Front Cover cosmetics (a Christmas gift) eye. This year, it is all exams exams exams. Chemistry and Physics being the first. Eugh, how I detest those subjects. Anyway, enough about me. I decided to do this post because I think that we all feel a bit down in the dumps at this time of the year. The weather is cold and there is nearly nothing to look forward to. The ultimate high of Christmas is brought to a shattering low in January. Nonetheless, this collection of photographs should help you escape to more desirable locations and happier times. However, there is a stylish motive behind this post. A current filled with the most magnificent aquatic aspects rushed onto the fashion scene in the spring collections. Tropical fish et al have replaced the usually oh-so predictable spring florals. We have shell clutches and of course the signature pearls from Chanel. A coral outfit from McQueen. And wave inspired attire from the likes of Jimmy Choo, Peter Pilotto and Stella McCartney. I'm sure we will have a whale of a time this spring so just look forward to then as you battle through January.

It might not be spring just yet but will that stop us dressing in every colour of the rainbow and wearing every flower in the meadow? No, it should not do, especially because winter's trademark dark palettes have this season been switched to bright jewel tones. I hope these ideas make your January a more optimistic place.

Fruity Fashionista. Strawberries may not be in season but a girl can dream right? I love strawberry picking in the summer. Instead, you can stay inside and have a nice warm bath using Philosophy's Strawberry Milkshake three in one shampoo, shower gel and conditioner (£10.72, Nordstrom) whilst drinking a hot mug of tea out of this gorgeously decorated Cath Kidston mug (£5, John Lewis.) After that you can entertain yourself by making an adorable strawberry cake like the one above. Don't forget to wrap up warm in this lambswool and angora jumper (£295, Mulberry.) Mulberry's cute little strawberry friend popped up a few times in their new collection. They also do t-shirts with the strawberry's friends on them, pear and apple. Coloured jeans (£29, are a huge high street success at the moment and pink is my favourite colour plus it matches the strawberry motif. Doc Martens (£80, are such an essential for fashionable girls who like to wear comfortable footwear and in my opinion, when it comes to DMs, the brighter the better. A simple tote is always useful, especially when going shopping in the January sales as it means that you have lots of room to store your purchases if you get tired of holding numerous different bags. Fun accessories are a must all years round and this ring ($6, Mixit at and these earrings (£4.99, Suzi Berry at Irregular Choice) are simply irresistible. Oh my God, I really feel like eating some strawberries now. 

The party season might be over but nearly every girl feels beautiful in a pretty dress and you should be able to get that feeling all year round so who's to say that you can't wear a dress everyday, even if you are not planning to even leave the house. It is a great confidence boost and nice to be able to look in the mirror and smile at the stunning person looking back at you and the fabulous dress that she is wearing. See where to buy these dresses by clicking here. 

Of course, no colours can beat sunshine yellow in terms of making us smile as we dream of summer. Pairing yellow accessories (shoes, $34, Qupid Penelope at LuLu's) (clutch, $238, LODIS) with a darker palette helps to break you in gently. A navy fishtail skirt (£15, Therapy at House of Fraser) is the perfect way to work this into your work wear and banish your office's January blues by wearing it with a bright yellow shirt (£325, 3.1 Phillip Lim at net-a-porter.) I don't know that much about what different jobs allow you to wear or allow you not to wear but we have a business enterprise day at school next week and they said dress smartly and no jeans and trainers which is exactly what my local paper have told me to wear when I go on work experience in July. Therefore, although it is a brave choice, yellow does not seem completely out of the equation. Goodbye, greys and navy and black. It's time for yellow to shine. Try a toned down citrine if this yellow hurts your eyes. Neon colouring has worked its way in to the s/s sportswear trend so now is the time to buy neon raincoats and neon tapered trousers to wear with a racer back top in time for the Olympics. Keep your winter skin fresh and prevent it from dryness in this bitterly chilly weather by moisturising with Clarin's Sunshine Moist Body Lotion (£32.35, bloomingdales) and smell like a ray of sunshine with Clarin's Sunshine Fragrance (£38.51, bloomingdales.) Of course do not forget to drink a cup of sunshine in the morning and shine all day. Alternatively, you could drink a cup of coffee, or tea or hot chocolate (whatever your preference, I like them all.) The one that looks most like sunshine is Option's white chocolate hot chocolate. It is so low in calories and so scrumptious; one of my favourite hot drinks. 

Now I'm going to make myself a hot chocolate and ask my mum if she will buy some strawberries next time she goes on a shop!

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