Sunday, 22 January 2012

Flick and Swish

Audrey Hepburn
On one hand, I adore liquid eyeliner. It might take time and practice to get it right and it might be increasingly infuriating when it smudges and you must start all over again but there is just too much to love about it. It helped to define the 1960s and has been worn by icons such as  Audrey Hepburn and 
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe. It is romantic and feminine yet suggests independence and a certain edginess. It is an art in itself as there are so many looks to try out. I desperately hope that maybe one day I will be able to do all of them. One of my new year's resolutions was to master the application of liquid eyeliner to such a degree that I can do an array of patterns and designs. Searching the simple word "eyeliner" on tumblr or weheartit would have nearly every girl lustfully reaching for their Ã‰criture de Chanel.

Tips from make-up artists on how to apply liquid eyeliner are in endless supply but at the end of the day you can have all the tips in the world and the same saying still applies; practice makes perfect. Of course, a good eyeliner will help. I am currently using Natural Collection liquid eyeliner which is pretty much dirt cheap. However, it makes my eyes look like this;

Whereas the look that I was aiming for was more like this;

Check out this easy tutorial for how to create a rainbow eye liner look!I suppose that you get what you pay for. The Natural Collection eyeliner looks fine when you have your eyes open but after an hour or so it starts to come off and leaves your eye looking like mine does when you close them or look down. I would much rather own something more high end which would hopefully work better. I find that Maybelline do the best foundation whereas No.7 do the best mascara however, for liquid liner I would like to try out Chanel's Ã‰criture de Chanel or MAC's liquid eyeliner. (image from tumblr)

Not unlike cherry red lipstick, liquid eyeliner presents a timeless kind of class that can dress up any look. Some of my favourite personal style fashion bloggers are regular wearers of this magic must-have such as chicmuse, fashiontoast and LLYMLRS (see right.) It can almost become a human instinct to look good and make-up is very closely intertwined with this idea. From a young age it now becomes embedded in our daily routine. I began to wear make-up almost on a daily basis at the age of twelve. Now that sounds frightfully young but really it was only two years ago and it felt right. Liquid eyeliner is more of an accessory than an essential and this is another thing that it shares with its trusty companion, the red lipstick.

Eyeliner was first worn by the Ancient Egyptians, as early as 10,000 BC. It is thought that the eyeliner would protect the wearer from the hot desert sun and research has shown that it was meant to protect the wearer from the evil eye. It was not until the 1920s that the eyeliner roared back into life when Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered along with paintings of men and women wearing eye liner. The kohl pencil was worn by many for forty years until in the 1960s when change was in the air and liquid eyeliner reached the peak of popularity. My granddad said just last week that the '20s in America were like the '60s in England; they were both times where things started to change and people started to fight against the conventional. They were obviously both very important decades in the developments of today's society but they were also important decades in the developments of today's eyeliner too. (image)

Eyeliner tattooing is a controversial procedure but learning about it is, well, eye opening. It can be done differently, depending on the look that the patient is striving to achieve but many look beautifully natural. Of course the thing that put me off is the mention of a "5 round needle cluster." The eyeliner tattoo does rid one of the smudge problem but I would not want a permanent cat-eye look so the problem would only be partially solved as you would still need to use eyeliner when desiring a different look. However, it does add some definition to your eyes, highlighting a feature that is beautiful on most women.

Eyes are perhaps one of the only body parts that can be forever beautiful. The skin gets wrinkled with age. Your waist gets wider with excessive amounts of delicious food and your hair thins out and goes grey. Nevertheless, eyes are the most loyal of companions and an important part of everyone. They are individual and some people fall in love based on eyes. Some people believe in love at first sight. Well, just make sure that if you fall in love at first sight that you are seeing through perfectly made up eyelinered eyes.  



  1. Hey lady, just wanted to let you know that your mix and match is up on my blog! Come check it out and let me know if it helps!

  2. Great post. I struggled for almost 6 months with liquid liner and finally shifted to gel liner. But now you post has inspired me to try liquid again.
    Happy Blogging,

  3. great post. I love eyeliner

  4. nice eyeliner. i do winged tips just like them too
    follow each other?


  5. love the look! :)

  6. I really love eyeliner too. I got a special pen that doesn't smudge ( something like a marker ) from Avon :)I found your lovely blog in my IFB group and I am now following. Would love it if you liked to stop by and check out my blog too :)

  7. Great and simple inspiration!

  8. keep at it! i use the same type of eyeliner, and i normally just need to do some touch ups every couple hours :)


  9. Absolutely agree with you on this! Liquid eyeliner is probably my favorite make-up style ever :)

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  11. I get my eyeliner from the drugstore and it comes out just like the one in your inspiration photo. It's a gel liner instead of a liquid liner. It costs $10. I think it may be mabelline, but I can't quite remember.

  12. This post is fantastic...I love liquid eyeliner but it is a struggle to get right!

  13. This is why im such a fan of liquid liner...Love this post :)


    Tamara B.

  14. A well thought out and beautifully written blog post. I came in via the IFB Links a la Mode. I like this type of style and fashion writing. I hope to visit more. And yes, it does take practice to apply the liquid eyeliner. A technique I have yet to master.


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