Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Handy Fashion

A couple of years ago, a girl's hand would go bare so that the attention would not be diverted away from her manicure but 2011 saw a rise in the world of cocktail rings and as 2012 has made its way onto the scene it seems like statement rings are in for the long haul. They are now the biggest jewellery statement that a fashionista can make. Knuckle duster styles are no longer a massive faux pas but instead assert a fabulous sense of sophistication. It is no longer just a delicate wedding or engagement ring that a lady wears but hell, you can wear a ring that spreads across three whole fingers. Flowers, feathers, animals, hearts and other common doodle-esque patterns are 2011's favourites but I have a feeling that vintage cocktail rings that look like they really have a past will be big in 2012. Either that or huge round cocktail rings in pastel colours or with light catching sparkles.

Items in this set


  1. following you back dear


  2. All amazing! Sometimes the perfect ring can really complete an outfit :)

  3. I have the red lips but now I want the butterfly and the feather rings! Dope finds


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