Friday, 6 January 2012


Nail polish
Taken with instagram
Taken with instagramTaken with instagram
Taken with instagram
Let's face it, even the name of this nail varnish is dreamy. The point I keep stressing is that January is a time for dreaming; for dreaming about the things that you will have achieved by the end of the year and for dreaming about summer or places that you wish you could escape to. The latter one definitely applies to us Brits as it has either been raining or blowing a gale; the winds have been so bad recently. Anyway, I thought I would just put on one layer of this "Moonrock" nail polish by Front Cover. The reason being that it just give your nails a nice boost which is subtle enough for everyday wear but also shiny enough for partying. Just because Christmas is over that no way means that we have to sacrifice our sparkle and shine as it was present at this season Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Balmain. I find the that one layer of subtle shimmer very chic and elegant yet cool and effortless. I got this set of Front Cover nail polish for Christmas. It is alright; the colours are pretty and they come in a gorgeous box. The problems that I find though is that they come off quickly and you have to do around three coats if you actually want a block colour that the tips of your nails cannot be seen through. On the plus side, it does tend to dry quickly.My favourite nail polishes are by Rimmel and Nails Inc. My nails are disgusting at the moment; all different lengths and still slightly stained from the blue colour that I had on last week. I absolutely hate having bare nails as mine are not nice to look at. To be honest, I don't suppose anyone else cares but it's me that has to look at them almost 24/7 but unfortunately my school does not permit painted nails (even though I found a colour that is the exact same as the school uniform which I thought was rather genius really!) I also have a lovely nude colour by Nails Inc. and I got away with wearing that to school for like two weeks before I got caught out. My middle finger on my right hand is constantly swollen and ink stained at school because we write so much. After just three days back, I was staring at my hands in disgust so I thought it was time for a nice, relaxing Friday manicure. I used some soothing hand cream that came as part of a set from Next and it feels so refreshing and smells just gorgeous. 

And here is some nail art inspiration from my own bedroom wall:
Taken with instagram
Taken with instagram


  1. OMG I just realised that I'm on your blogroll!
    Thanks you so much! =D
    I love that dark red colour i think it is great in winter and autumn.

    JMBFK xx


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