Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nailed It

Perfect pastels were channelled by numerous luxury labels. Louis Vuitton could not be more opposite to last season's "fetish" inspired vibe. This time round it was all sugary sweet- carousels and cupcakes. Oscar De La Renta merged two trends into a fabulous fusion of flapper and faded hues. Meanwhile, my personal favourite, comes from Italian designers, Dolce and Gabbana. Whilst the floral idea was hardly original (it is an undeniable fact that summer and floral prints and patterns go hand in hand) there was something that physically drew me to this one glacier blue horticultural based midi dress. It is such a mix of classy and sexy. The length- classy. The sheerness- sexy. The sleeves- classy. The flowers-sexy. You get the idea. Concurrently, the high street is not far behind with this trend. Topshop and ASOS, reliable as ever, are the go to places for notably ever trend right now. Nevertheless, New Look have really focused on the sweeter side of life also. However, the award for the product that best NAILED this trend has to go to the Nails Inc. Candy Shop Colour Collection. Although the pastel look can be demonstrated through both dresses and suits, I have to say I prefer the dresses. How do you wear it? With attitude like the runway models do. If you think these dresses are more sickly sweet than sugary sweet then add some punky accessories like a black biker jacket, biker boots or a dark metal spiky necklace. Many would say that pastels look best on those with darker or tanned skin but I beg to differ. Whilst they do look great on a sun-kissed surface, the a la mode style is pale colours on pale skin with a bright lipstick for a quirky, kooky edge. The only colour that I would say this tip carries a hazard warning with is yellow. Pale girls, approach with caution. Shopping list for a picnic perfect style;
1) Yellow Dress, Topshop
2) Yellow Pumps, New Look
3) Green Heels, New Look
4) Green Bodycon Dress, John Zack
5) Blue Dress,
6) Nude Platforms, Kurt Geiger
7) Pastel Pink Dress, ASOS
8) Pastel Pink Brogues, Topshop
9) Nail polish, Nails Inc.
I am completely ecstatic about this trend. I adore the '20s and, having got Vogue: The Covers for Christmas I have been continuously scanning the pages of the 1920s decade. The '20s in America were like the '60s in England. It was a time for breaking boundaries; a social and cultural revolution. Prohibition tried to spoil the fun yet instead defined the decade by leading it along a path to speakeasies where dancers danced and singers sung whilst characterizing the style of that period. This season the futuristic embellishments bring it into this century but the flapper ambiance is still very much present. If Louis Vuitton is my favourite campaign then Gucci is my favourite collection. Everything is architectural and there is a very neat balance between cutting edge and vintage. A number of great architectural developments were made in the early 20th Century. The Empire State Building was completed in 1931- not far after the decade that roared. Wear with strappy shoes and graphic eye make-up for maximum affect. NAIL IT with sparkly black and shiny gold nail polish. Experiment with nail patterns or go for black nails with gold tips or vice versa. Take a foxtrot back in time with these glitzy buys;
1) Black Tassel dress, New Look
2) Black Sparkle nail polish, Jessica
3) Black Embellished Cut-out dress, Missguided
4) Gold Nail Polish, Nails Inc.
We hide it away, we worry about it, occasionally we show it off. Yes, I'm talking about the waist; a controversial body part. Peplums, however, are on the good side. They will not actually make a waist look half bad but at the same time it does draw attention to that point. It creates the illusion of an hourglass figure which means it suits predominantly every body type. Jason Wu and French label, Cushnie & Ochs' collections were made up of mostly peplum styles. I think a peplum top is a modern way of wearing the trend and it makes a change from dresses like the above two fashions. Monochrome looks appear to be most popular. NAIL IT with matching polish for a smart, sophisticated style. The versatile thing is that many of these items can be incorporated into an office wardrobe but can also be dressed up for the evening too. Take a black peplum pencil skirt, for example. Work it by day with a crisp, white shirt and some black court shoes then make a quick change so you can rock it by night in a sparkly top (perhaps a flapper inspired tassel one?) and sparkly platforms with a matching oversized envelope clutch. As those working a Cushnie & Ochs would say, "Tres chic." Liste d'achats (translated into English: Shopping List):
From right to left on second row of collage
1) Black peplum dress, Lipsy
2) Black bodycon peplum dress, John Zack <<< BARGAIN ALERT >>>
3) Black and Camel Coloured peplum dress, Debenhams
4) White peplum dress, ASOS
5) Black peplum dress with belt, New Look
6) Black and pale brown peplum dress, Karen Millen
7) Black and white peplum dress, Quontum

What's your favourite spring/summer trend?


  1. hey! thank you so much for such a lovely comment! when people take their time out to write on my posts it makes my day but the fact you wrote so much and really read it honestly means so much!

    You should definitely make a list.. its helped me so much having something other than exams to aim for! I will definitely watch coco before Chanel and good luck with your guitar exam!

    xo im also following!

  2. nice! xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from LOVE if you'd like to check it out. :)

  3. I've Definitely been a bit unsure about these sugar sweet hues when it comes to my complexion. But my nails? my nails are absolutely loving them right now! (true story). Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog! So glad that I got the opportunity to discover yours!

    much love,
    Lauren xoxo

  4. I definitely need to get all of those nail polishes. I love the pastel nail inc ones. The peplum dresses and tassel dresses are amazing too! A great selection.

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I'd love to put together a mix and match for you. I'll try to get it worked on this weekend and posted on Monday (I'll let you know for sure when it posts).

  6. Really great post! I love your writing style and good choice of images. I am loving your blog and am following you also!

    LS X

  7. I love that 1st collage. <3 SO nice inspiration.
    + what a lovely blog you have! I hope you visit mine sometimes ^^

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  8. Great coverage... you just fed my nail addiction more! hehe

  9. GREAT coordinated nail trends with fashion trends!


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