Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Style

(Jacket, Topshop. Dress, Topshop. Boots, Primark.)

I did not want to do a post that was like "look at me and all my wonderful Christmas presents" but I thought I would show you some of the purchases that I have made around this holiday period. I fell in love with bouclé jackets quite a while ago because I adore how much they relate to my favourite high fashion brand, Chanel. They are so smart and business-like yet can be dressed down with a plain tee, jeans and biker boots or you can dress it up by throwing it over a party dress. You can read my post on bouclé jackets here. There really is quite a story behind this jacket. Firstly, I was browsing the most recent Chanel show and trying to find high street items that could recreate the looks with. I found the jacket and matching skirt at Topshop and I had one of those "OhMyGodYes" moments. They came to around £90 together. I had some vouchers to spend in store so the price was not a problem but I rarely buy things online so I thought I would leave it. A few days later and the sales had begun. The jacket was down to £30 and the skirt down to £18. I nearly cried, I was so happy! Then the next day they were sold out. I almost cried I was so sad! Then we popped to the shops and voila, there they were in all their glory. I nearly cried, I was so happy! I know, it was such an emotional roller coaster. To make it more Chanel, I bought some pearls from Primark and I am going to sew them onto the pockets of the jacket and skirt. I'll keep you posted.   
My next item, you have seen a few times before. I wore it on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, to a friend's birthday party and to my mum's friend's dinner party. I do not usually over-wear clothes but I just wanted to make the most of it and remember it as my Christmas 2011 dress because I think that it is really lovely when clothes remind you of a specific time, especially when it brings happy memories and for me, Christmas is always brings good memories. Dark red is my colour this season. I just love everything in it; you might be able to tell from the fact that the aforementioned jacket is also dark red. I just find it so festively flattering. I definitely have a new favourite colour for clothes every season. Summer 2010 was coral. Winter 2011 was black. Summer 2011 was bright blue. Now Winter 2012 is dark red.
My final purchase that I have photographed is my new black suede over the knee boots. Now, when I think of black over the knee boots, the word prostitute jumps to mind but trust me, these can be classy. I have worn them a number of times over the past week. Once with my Fashion's Night Out 2011 t-shirt, the bouclé jacket pictures here, some pearl necklaces, a polka dot skirt and leggings. Again with a clashing print top, denim jacket and leggings. Also with a black t-shirt with frills at the bottom, black cardigan, pink necklace, pink striped tube skirt and leggings. As you can see, they are very versatile.  

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