Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pretty Passion, Fine Fashion #8

Pretty Passion. You might have noticed in my previous posts that many of the images that do not belong to me are linked back to a website called I am a fan of this site for constant inspiration through images; whether those images are fashion related, wordy or a demonstration of fabulous photography, the site never fails to impress, inspire and influence me in my day. Many of the photographs in the collages on my bedroom walls are from weheartit. You can see these collages in my 2012 BRING.IT.ON. post. The layout of the site is neat, clean and easy to operate. It shows you the images with no extra unneeded fuss. The right hand column shows clearly what the most popular tags are so that if you click on them you are taken straight to pages of images with that tag. You can also search tags in the search bar at the top of the page. When I first created my account on the website, I had complications with being able to "heart" images however, it is fine now so I don't know what was going on at the time and hopefully it won't happen again. Like Pinterest and Tumblr you can create your own collection of inspired images that you love or "heart." All the pictures on weheartit are from other sites and linked back to the original source so you cannot upload your own images directly to the site. I find that I can waste hours just browsing through photos and the site makes it very easy to do so and you can search almost any topic. Also, when you do search something more specific you get the choice of seeing "most recent", "most popular" or "best match" first. When you see an image that you adore you have to choice to "heart" it, share on Facebook, tweet it or post it on Tumblr. However, you cannot comment but I do not find that this in any way affects my opinion on the site. I have "hearted" 249 images (which is 13 pages) but this figure grows on a weekly basis. You can gain followers if you "heart" images that they too like but I do not bother with following many people because the images rarely were created/taken by the person who posts them on weheartit and you can view all the images without following anyone.  
Overall, I think it is definitely worthwhile visiting weheartit when you feel as though you are in need of some inspiration. In fact, I should have included it in my 3 Steps to Temporary Happiness.
Fine Fashion. On the catwalk Giambattista Valli, Gucci, Michael Kors, Holly Fulton and D Squared all conducted monochrome zebra print looks in their shows. However, I feel that Proenza Schouler was the one that really made us take a step forward in a yellow zebra print long sleeved mini dress. Although coloured zebra print is the modern take on the trend, the celebrity take on the trend is the bikini. Both Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whitely sported a zebra bikini on their recent holidays. The one above is by Calvin Klein at ASOS. Unfortunately, the bikini bottoms are sold out but they do very similar ones for only £3.00; celebrity style without the celebrity price tag. Above you can see two different ways of wearing it. A zebra print bikini can be complimented by a beautiful tan or an aristocratic pale skin tone but not burnt red skin so make sure you wear a T-shirt like the one in the collage above if you have skin that burns very easily. The "USA" t-shirt from Wildfox comes in a few other designs and I love them all because they will protect your shoulders from the sun (as it is easy to burn your shoulders if standing in the sun a lot) without looking frumpy like big t-shirts sometimes do. Plus, you can also get a tan on your stomach and show off your summer body. It might seem odd that I am already writing about beach style but it is hot in some parts of the world right now. Although, living in the UK it is easy to forget that hot weather exists.

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