Friday, 6 January 2012

Pretty Passion, Fine Fashion #5

Pretty Passion. This week it is a fellow fashion blogger that has inspired me most. I found the blog, JMBFK on Independent Fashion Bloggers. I just love it when I find a blog that really inspires me yet does not have thousands of followers. It inspires me to be proud of my blog, regardless of the stats and to hope that I too have reached someone and inspired them on the same sort of level that this blog has inspired me. The images for posts are selected wonderfully to create a fabulous collage over the whole site with tips, thoughts and trend reports all squeezed into the consistent paragraph at the bottom of each post. I often admire people who can fit in all they want to say into one small paragraph. I'm a bit of a rambler when it comes to writing (you might have noticed...) The length of the writing is perfect if you are browsing through blogs whilst also listening to music or watching TV as it will captivate your attention and most people have the concentration span to keep reading until the end of the paragraph. She writes posts on things to buy, beauty, trends and posts inspirational photographs.Here latest post is about Revlon's sheer blossom nail polish, the one before that is aptly named "Dainty Diaries" which shows some incredibly chic vintage looking diaries; they are literally the best diaries that I have ever laid eyes on. So, visit this site and let your eyes skim over the inspiring photographs but don't forget to read the captions. Here is the link again:
Fine Fashion. I have gone all quirky and punky for this week's fine fashion but there is just some sort of force of attraction pulling me towards these leopard print creepers. To add to the punky vibe, I would totally pair these with this cross top from Topshop and some jeggings in dark blue. Then of course the ring is an essential. The cross trend is one that I love but was at first unsure about. Is it really right to incorporate religious symbols into fashion? But fashion is all about breaking rules and pushing boundaries so now I say go for it. It is not like it symbolises racism or anything along those lines. It is merely a powerful symbol recognised worldwide and of course the fashion industry have the right to interpret it too. However, this trend is not just a new venture. It can be seen on the famed 1988 Vogue cover that was Anna Wintour's first one as editor in chief at the magazine. 

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  2. I love those leopard print creepers! I do flatforms and I must invest in some, I keep buying other things instead though ... oops :)

    Thanks for your comment. I'll definitely be writing a post after my Paris trip so I'll be recommending places then!


  3. just wanted to say thanks for all your comments on my blog, sophi! :)



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