Thursday, 9 February 2012

Business Enterprise Day

Coat, Next.
Shirt, Topshop. 
Gloves, Tesco. 
Bag, Cambridge Satchel Co. 
Skirt, New Look. 
Boots, Primark.

On Tuesday we had a special business day at school where we had to dress in work wear. At first I was a bit annoyed because usually on these sorts of days we get to wear whatever we want and they don't happen often and it seemed like they were crushing our creativity but in the end we did get a lot of freedom in what we chose and I wore the above. There were prizes for the best work wear and they went to the people in matching suits mostly. However, I was dressed quite formally compared to some others. I wanted to wear a basic chiffon shirt without all the ruffles and frills but I don't have one but I actually think that this shirt looks quite good in the whole ensemble. I also threw on a white structured blazer over the top to complete the outfit. 

During the day we had to create and market biscuits. I made the packaging, others worked on advertising, some made the biscuits and some did all the business side of things. Today we got the results and my team came third out of twelve teams which I was very happy with. The biscuits we made were called round-a-bouts and our slogan was "it's a round-a-bout time."

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